Every Pokémon Quest recipe for 2023

Our Pokémon Quest recipes guide helps you learn how to attract all different types of Pocket Monster, from Pikachu to Poliwhirl and more.

A pixelated Pikachu looking at some Pokémon Quest recipes

If you’re looking for a different sort of Pokémon adventure, then Pokémon Quest could be the relaxing answer to your prayers. So, use Pokémon Quest recipes to try and get Pokémon to join your camp, as it pays to know exactly how to attract the best ‘mons. You can experiment with your meals, but the more you know the better, and the less time you spend trying to hunt down each and every critter.

As it’s available on multiple devices and is free to start, Pokémon Quest is one of the most accessible ways to get into the Pokémon franchise yet. So whether you’re just looking for some tips, or you’re a brand new player, let us help you with our extensive Pokémon Quest recipes guide.

Now, let’s get into the delicious Pokémon Quest recipes.

Every Pokémon Quest recipe:

Recipe Attracts Ingredients
Mulligan stew a la cube Attracts any Pokémon A mixture of any ingredients
 Red stew a la cube Attracts red Pokémon  Mostly red ingredients
 Blue soda a la cube  Attracts blue Pokémon Mostly blue ingredients
 Gray porridge a la cube  Attracts grey Pokémon  Mostly grey ingredients
Mouth-Watering dip a la cube Attracts water-type Pokémon  A mixture of soft and blue ingredients
Plain crepe a la cube Attracts normal-type Pokémon A mixture of sweet and grey things
 Sludge soup a la cube Attracts poison-type Pokémon A mixture of mushrooms and soft ingredients
Mud pie a la cube  Attracts ground-type Pokémon A mixture of minerals and soft ingredients
Veggie smoothie a la cube  Attracts grass-type Pokémon A mixture of plants and soft ingredients
Honey nectar a la cube Attracts bug-type Pokémon A mixture of sweet and yellow ingredients
Brain food a la cube Attracts psychic-type Pokémon A mixture of sweet and hard ingredients
Stone soup a la cube Attracts rock-type Pokémon A mixture of hard and mineral ingredient
Light-as-air casserole a la cube Attracts flying-type Pokémon A mixture of minerals and plants
Hot pot a la cube Attracts fire-type Pokémon A mixture of mushrooms and red ingredients
Watt a risotto a la cube Attracts electric-type Pokémon A mixture of soft and yellow ingredients
Get swole syrup a la cube Attracts fighting-type Pokémon A mixture of sweet and mushroom ingredients
Ambrosia of Legends a la cube Attracts rare Pokémon A mixture of mystical ingredients
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Every Pokemon Quest ingredient

Ingredient Description Type Color Points
Tiny Mushroom Soft and small Mushroom Red One
Big Root Soft and precious Plant Red Two
Bluk Berry Soft and small Sweet Blue One
Icy Rock Hard and precious Mineral Blue Two
Apricorn Hard and small Plant Yellow One
Honey Soft and precious Sweet Yellow Two
Fossil Hard and small Mineral Grey One
Balm Mushroom Soft and precious Mushroom Grey Two
Rainbow Matter Very precious ingredient that can be a substitute for any other ingredient None None Three
Mystical Shell Special ingredient Mystical None Two

Hopefully, our Pokémon Quest recipes help you in your quest to catch ‘em all! Once you’re done here, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch casual games for even more ways to relax.