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All Pokémon Sleep recipes

Our list of all the Pokémon Sleep recipes let's you know exactly how to cook up some delicious curries, salads, and desserts for your hungry Snorlax.

Pokémon Sleep recipes - A sleeping Snorlax surrounded by a sleeping Pikachu and some ghost Pokémon

If you want to try out some new Pokémon Sleep recipes, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide gives you the lowdown on every ingredient you need to cook up complex curries, satisfying salads, and delectable desserts. Each week Snorlax wants a different type of food, so it’s worth learning how to make the best dish from each category.

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Here’s every Pokémon Sleep recipe:

Pokémon Sleep curry recipes

Name Ingredients
Beanburger curry Seven bean sausages
Bulk up bean curry 12 greengrass soybeans
Six bean sausages
Four fiery herbs
Four fancy eggs
Dream eater butter curry 18 soft potatoes
15 snoozy tomatoes
12 soothing cacao
Ten moomoo milk
Drought katsu curry Ten bean sausages
Five pure oil
Egg bomb curry 12 honey
11 fancy apples
Eight fancy eggs
Four soft potatoes
Fancy apple curry Seven fancy apples
Grilled tail curry Eight slowpoke tails
Five fiery herbs
Hearty cheeseburger curry Eight moomoo milk
Eight bean sausages
Inferno corn curry 27 fiery herbs
24 bean sausages
14 greengrass corn
12 warming ginger
Limber corn stew 14 greengrass corn
Eight moomoo milk
Eight soft potatoes
Melty omelette curry Ten fancy eggs
Six snoozy tomatoes
Mild honey curry Seven honey
Mixed curry Any combination that varies from one of the other recipes
Ninja curry 15 greengrass soybeans
Nine bean sausages
Nine large leeks
Five tasty mushrooms
Simple chowder Seven moomoo milk
Soft potato chowder Ten moomoo milk
Eight soft potatoes
Four tasty mushrooms
Solar power tomato curry Ten snoozy tomatoes
Five fiery herbs
Spicy leek curry 14 large leeks
Ten warming ginger
Eight fiery herbs
Spore mushroom curry 14 tasty mushrooms
Nine soft potatoes
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Pokémon Sleep dessert recipes

Name Ingredients
Big malasada Ten pure oil
Seven moomoo milk
Six honey
Cloud nine soy cake Eight fancy eggs
Seven greengrass soybeans
Craft soda pop Nine honey
Ember ginger tea Nine warming ginger
Seven fancy apples
Explosion popcorn 15 greengrass corn
14 pure oil
Seven moomoo milk
Fancy apple juice Eight fancy apples
Flower gift macarons 25 soothing cacao
25 fancy eggs
17 honey
Ten moomoo milk
Fluffy sweet potatoes Nine soft potatoes
Five moomoo milk
Huge power soy donuts Nine pure oil
Six greengrass soybeans
Seven soothing cacao
Hustle protein smoothie 14 greengrass soybeans
Eight soothing cacao
Jigglypuff’s fruity flan 20 honey
15 fancy eggs
Ten moomoo milk
Ten fancy apples
Lovely kiss smoothie 11 fancy apples
Nine moomoo milk
Seven honey
Eight soothing cacao
Lucky chant apple pie 12 fancy apples
Four moomoo milk
Mixed juice  Any combination that varies from one of the other recipes
Neroli’s restorative tea 11 warming ginger
15 fancy apples
Nine tasty mushrooms
Petal dance chocolate tart 11 fancy apples
11 soothing cacao
Stalwart vegetable juice Nine snoozy tomatoes
Seven fancy apples
Steadfast ginger cookies 14 honey
12 warming ginger
Five soothing cacao
Four fancy eggs
Sweet scent chocolate cake  Nine honey
Eight soothing cacao
Seven moomoo milk
Teatime corn scones 20 fancy apple
20 warming ginger
18 greengrass corn
Nine moomoo milk
Warm moomoo milk Seven moomoo milk

Pokémon Sleep salad recipes

Name Ingredients
Bean ham salad Eight bean sausages
Calm mind fruit salad 21 fancy apples
16 honey
12 greengrass corn
Contrary chocolate meat salad 14 soothing cacao
Nine bean sausages
Dazzling apple cheese salad 15 fancy apples
Five moomoo milk
Three pure oil
Fancy apple salad Eight fancy apples
Fury attack corn salad Nine greengrass corn
Eight pure oil
Gluttony potato salad 14 soft potatoes
Nine fancy eggs
Seven bean sausages
Six fancy apples
Greengrass salad 22 pure oil
17 greengrass corn
14 snoozy tomatoes
Nine soft potatoes
Heat wave tofu salad Ten greengrass soybeans
Six fiery herbs
Immunity leek salad Ten large leeks
Five warming ginger
Mixed salad Any combination that varies from one of the other recipes
Moomoo caprese salad 12 moomoo milk
Six snoozy tomatoes
Five pure oil
Ninja salad 15 large leeks
15 greengrass soybeans
12 tasty mushrooms
11 warming ginger
Overheat ginger salad 17 fiery herbs
Ten warming ginger
Eight snoozy tomatoes
Slowpoke tail pepper salad Ten slowpoke tails
Ten fiery herbs
15 pure oil
Snoozy tomato salad Eight snoozy tomatoes
Snow cloak caesar salad Ten moomoo milk
Six bean sausages
Spore mushroom salad 17 tasty mushrooms
Eight snoozy tomatoes
Eight pure oil
Superpower extreme salad Nine bean sausages
Six warming ginger
Five fancy eggs
Three soft potatoes
Water veil tofu salad Ten greengrass soybeans
Six snoozy tomatoes

Those are all of the Pokémon Sleep recipes you need to have a satisfied Snorlax! For more mobile game goodness, head over to our free Monopoly Go dice links, Coin Master free spins, and Grimoires Era codes.