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Defeat Urshifu in max raid battles for some monster rewards

The kung-fu bear Pokémon returns and you can get some serious rewards if you manage to take one down, so, when is the Urshifu max raid battle event?

Urshifu Max Raid Battle event: The Pokemon Urshifu appears in its huge Gigantamax form

With thanks to Serebii for the information, The Pokémon Company has revealed that Urshifu is heading back to Pokémon Sword & Shield max raid battles, to mark two years since the release of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC release. Players must work together to take down the mammoth monster, though you won’t be able to catch this one.

Instead, much like the previous max raid battle event with Mewtwo, the aim is to simply try and beat this behemoth bear, with a slew of tasty rewards if you manage to do so. So, when is the Urshifu max raid battle event? Urshifu has already started to appear in five-star max raid battle dens, and the event is expected to continue until June 19 at 00:00 UTC/01:00 BST.

Besting Urshifu in combat rewards players with a serious heap of items, for more information head on over to Serebii.net and their information on the latest max raid event. Item drops include a choice band, max honey, exp candy xl, armorite ore, dynite ore, max mushrooms, and much more among the potential winnings. This will be a seriously tough challenge though, especially as Urshifu is in its g-max form. Good luck!

When is the Urshifu max raid battle event?

The Urshifu max raid battle event runs from June 17 through to June 19, 00:00 UTC/01:00 BST.

Urshifu max raid battle event: A pokemon battle breaks out between two different Urshifu

How do I counter Urshifu?

Urshifu is weak to fairy, flying, and fighting-types. Pokémon such as Xerneas and Zacian both resist their most powerful STAB moves, so can get in some decent damage. Urshifu also isn’t the quickest Pokémon, so Pokémon like Marshadow and Eternatus can outpace it and land some serious punishment.

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