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Pokémon damage calculator - where to find, how to use, and more

If you really want to be the best there ever was, and you don’t want to rely on quick maths, then you’re going to need a Pokémon damage calculator

Pokémon damage calculator: a Pokémon battle is shown between Purrserker and Dragapult

With so many Pokémon types, moves, and variables to take into account, it’s pointless trying to work out every solution in your head. That’s where we come in, with our guide to finding the Pokémon damage calculator to suit you. As you’d expect with a game so popular, there are a number of fan-made tools to make stat math while battling that much easier, turning what can be desperate situations on their head, or helping you to avoid a fatal mistake when switching in and out. 

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What is a Pokémon damage calculator? 

You can use a Pokémon damage calculator to figure out, almost down to a percentage point, how effective your moves and your opponent’s moves will be in a set battle. While you have to use some guesswork on opponents’ EVs, IVs, nature, and so on, it’s one of the better ways of simulating an important battle without jumping straight in, something of great importance if you’re taking part in a Nuzlocke challenge. 

Pokémon battle screen from Sword and Shield

Where can I find a vanilla Pokémon damage calculator?

The best Pokémon damage calculator we can find, and the one I personally use, is found on the Pokémon Showdown website. With more options than anywhere else, and including every generation of main series games from Red & Blue through to Sword & Shield, there’s little you can’t find out using this tool. 

For an alternative, especially if you’re just concentrating on VGC battles, we’d recommend the Trainer Tower damage calculator. While the information isn’t kept quite as up-to-date as that on the Showdown website, the UI is easier to use, and you can save and keep your custom scenarios for when you need to revisit them on the fly. 

How do I use a Pokémon damage calculator? 

Once you load up your preferred Pokémon damage calculator, it’s time to input the information. Each calculator has a full list of available Pokémon for each generation, so first be sure that you’ve selected the right generation before inputting your Pokémon’s stats, EVs, IVs (if you can find them, which is much easier in the later games), and nature. All of these factors contribute to the final attack damage stat, so be sure to input everything correctly, as you know what they say about making assumptions. 

Pokémon Sword and Shield battle Lucario against Tyranitar

As we said earlier, you have to take some guesswork into damage calculation, but if you’re playing online and your opponent’s Pokémon are meta-relevant, then you should be able to find a template for their build on Smogon, which you can then plan around. For Nuzlocke’s, this is a little easier, as you can find out all the information about each region’s gym leaders and elite four with just a little research. 

Where can I find a Pokémon Go damage calculator?

As the battle mechanics in Pokémon Go differ so heavily from the main series, the calculations to work out attack damage in Go are quite a bit different. Unfortunately, because of this complexity, no one as of yet has taken the time to put together a Pokémon Go damage calculator. 

However, if you’ve got your algebra hat on, you can still take a crack at damage calculation in Go by using the formulas put together by one plucky Redditor. As you can see from clicking the page, it isn’t a simple task, but it’s worth reading to pick up on any important bits of Pokémon Go battle info you might have missed before. 

There you have it, our comprehensive guide to adding a Pokémon damage calculator to your lists of battling tools. For a more relaxed time with your Poképals, why not check out our Pokéclicker codes to land yourself a free shiny in the online idle catch-em’-all tribute.