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Back to the Future special pack warps into PowerWash Simulator

Great Scott! PowerWash Simulator is getting a Back to the Future special pack loaded with locations from the trilogy we all know and love.

PowerWash simulator back to the future: a person in a rubber suit in front of a car

I guess we’re ready for this now – the PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future special pack is finally up for grabs. FuturLab and Square Enix Collective collaborate with Universal Games to bring us a new pack of maps, based on the classic Back to the Future trilogy of movies.

Whoever thought that a cleaning game like PowerWash Simulator would be so successful? Things have only going up for them since the Final Fantasy and Spongebob Squarepants DLC, and now this – a true heavy hitter of a collab.

There are five maps coming with the Back to the Future pack, including the iconic time machine, the Holomax theater, and more recognizable locales taken from the three movies. You can earn ten brand-new achievements as you clean up the futuristic mess, too.

When is the PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future special pack release date?

The PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future special pack released on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on November 16, 2023. The DLC costs $7.99/£6.49, a very reasonable price for DLC featuring five new maps and hours of relaxing gameplay.

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This is the latest in a string of successful collaborations for FuturLab and the PowerWash brand, after snagging a partnership with Nickelodeon to bring Spongebob and friends into the game, and their nautical locations, after releasing content packs centered on Lara Croft’s mansion and Final Fantasy tech, among other things. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this satisfying scrub-em-up.

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