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PSP emulation on iPhone could finally be a reality this year

There’s a chance we could finally be getting the PPSSPP emulator on the App Store, but it all depends on whether we can download games.

Custom image of Daxter on an iPhone 15 screen for news on PPSSPP emulator potentially coming to the App Store

Big news, PSP fans! You could soon play some classic games on your iPhone, with the news that the PPSSPP emulator could be coming to the App Store. Yes, you heard that right.

While it’s not officially on the cards yet, Apple’s recent change in approach to how its App Store works means that for the first time, retro game emulators are allowed on the platform. However, it all depends on how emulation works on Apple’s smartphones.

According to a blog post from the PPSSPP creator Henrik Rydgård, via Android Authority, it all depends on whether the changes to the App Store allow users to pick their own files (or, in simple terms, download their own games). Emulators don’t often come with games pre-installed, including PPSSPP, so they’re pretty redundant without the ability to add in games. With that in mind, it’s a pretty good time to check out our list of the best PSP games.

However, the current App Store guidelines seem to suggest that picking files is a no-go for emulators, so the arrival of PPSSPP on the App Store would require yet another change from the Silicon Valley tech giant. With some sticky legal ramifications surrounding emulation, we’re not sure if that’s likely to happen, especially if it were to open the door to further emulation of games from massive brands like Nintendo. Still, if there’s an outside chance we could be playing Burnout Legends or Daxter on your iPhone this time next year, we’ll take it.

Screenshot from the section in the App Store guidelines referring to emulation for article on the news PPSSPP could be coming to the App Store

There you have it, the news that the PPSSPP emulator could be arriving on the App Store, depending on Apple’s stance on emulation going forward. If you feel like checking out some more retro titles, see our list of the best GBA games. Or, if you want something a little more modern, see our guide to the best Switch games.