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The best PSP games of all time

The best PSP games hold up well today and are still fun to revisit, including entries from Final Fantasy, Ratchet and Clank, and God of War.

Best PSP games: Daxter on a PSP in front of a deep bluebackground

What are the best PSP games? I’m a PS girl through and through, though as much as I love all of my home consoles, I can’t deny how sad it makes me that I can’t take the latest PlayStation games with me on the go. Still, the PlayStation Portable is my saving grace, and I’m here to tell you what PSP games are worth your time.

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Here are the best PSP games:

Best PSP games - Zack Fair stood in a street with his back to thee camera

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This entry is here for two reasons. One, it deserves to be. Two, my job could be in jeopardy if I were to ignore it, thanks to my boss’ unhealthy obsession with Final Fantasy as a whole and the rather charming Zack Fair. Speaking of whom, he’s the leading man in this FFVII prequel, and it’s just as amazing to play as the original game, cementing it as one of the best PSP games of all time.

With a great story, satisfying combat, and an enigmatic cast of characters, Crisis Core has so much to offer fans. Actually, this game is one of the main reasons to own a PlayStation Portable if we’re being honest. Back in the day, you could even get a limited edition version of the console based on this game – a treasure for collectors.

If you want to know even more about it, you can take a look at our Crisis Core Switch review, as well as our Crisis Core characters and Crisis Core materia fusion guides.

Best PSP games - Daxter stood in a grassy area


Jak and Daxter are still two of my favorite characters in the history of videogames, and their series of games is certainly a part of why I still play games today. The trilogy, Jak X, and Daxter, hold some of my fondest childhood memories – not Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, that should stay lost, in all honesty.

One of the things that makes Daxter so great is the cheesy dream sequences in which the ottsel takes on the protagonist role in The Matrix, Braveheart, and more. Better still, it allows you to explore Haven in a whole new way. You get to see what it was like for Daxter without Jak during those first two years in the city. It’s a terrific game, and I can’t recommend it enough – you get to see parts of Haven City from an all-new, tiny, cramp-filled perspective.

Best PSP games - Ratchet putting up an umbrella

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

I don’t care what people say; size does matter, and this Ratchet and Clank game proves it. Though it may be small, this mighty game packs a punch, is a nice surprise, and can fit right in your pocket. The fact that it features two of the most iconic characters in gaming is just the cherry on top, as it features all the humor and charm that makes the series so loveable.

However, the one thing that it has against it is that it’s not the best story in the Ratchet and Clank franchise, but it’s certainly far from being the worst. We can but hope that the rumors of a new portable PS console bring us even more great adventures with these two.

Best PSP games - a roster selection screen in PES 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

I have it on good authority (courtesy of PT’s Connor) that this is one of the last decent PES games, so why not throw the dog a bone and have it on this list, aye? In PES 6, you get to both create and guide your own character on their journey to football stardom. Naturally, you can also take part in tournaments and exhibition matches with some of your favorite teams. If you enjoy kicking the ball about, check out our list of the best football games on Switch and mobile.

However, there is a caveat to picking Pro Evolution Soccer over FIFA, and that comes in the form of licenses. PES doesn’t have the same licenses as the FIFA games, meaning some of the teams and players in real life don’t appear in-game. Instead, there are replacements that clearly mimic the teams that Konami couldn’t include.

Best PSP games - Kratos performing a kick

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

PlayStation is the home of God of War and always has been. In fact, there’s a God of War game on every PS system bar the original, so of course there’s one on the PSP. Actually, there are a couple on the PlayStation Portable, but God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the best by a considerable margin. Here, not only do you get the fantastic hack-and-slash combat associated with the older God of War games, but a terrific story that offers even more insight into the man that personifies the word “BOY!”

Just prepare yourself. Kratos is a very angry man in this game with little care for those he hurts, even if they’re innocent, he’s not even close to being the man you see in the more recent God of War games on PS4 and PS5. That also means that all of you Atreus fans are out of luck, as he isn’t born yet.

Best PSP games - a boy in a green circle with a black background

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Any list about a platform that houses a Kingdom Hearts game is quite clearly going to feature the beloved Square Enix franchise, and given the titles are responsible for precious gaming memories for the PT team, this addition is not surprising. In fact, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a must-play for any and all PSP owners, with its fun gameplay, combat, and satisfying story.

To discover even more about this universe, make sure you check out our Kingdom Hearts games list. Better yet, learn about the Kingdom Hearts characters with our Kingdom Hearts Axel, Kingdom Hearts Sora, and Kingdom Hearts Aqua guides.

Best PSP games - a car racing down a street

Burnout Legends

Put the pedal to the metal and burn some rubber in Burnout Legends, a standout PSP game that deserves a spot on your shelf. You get to take part in races, perform outrageous stunts, and unlock a whole garage full of cars. Trust me, this is a must-own for car game lovers everywhere, and it’s one of the finest games on the PSP. For more great experiences like this, drive by our list of the best car games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Best PSP games - Snake stood in an empty field

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

You’d be forgiven for thinking you walk a line of peace in this game, but alas, you don’t, instead you kill more people than I’ve had hot dinners. However, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker just so happens to be one of the best MGS games out there, which should immediately put it on the radar of PSP owners everywhere. It has the stealth mechanics and combat that you all know and love, as well as a decent story that’s sure to hook you.

Best PSP games - a woman stood in an empty room

The Sims 2

Who doesn’t love to play god? The power, the glory, the feeling of holding life in your hands? With that in mind, the humorous, charming, and downright bonkers The Sims 2 just has to be on this list. Plus, if I’m being honest, it’s nice to marry an alien. They make me feel kind of normal – like, I finally belong, ya know. They just get me. It’s nice.

Just in case you’re not familiar with how The Sims games work, you get to create your own sims, be they on their own, living with friends, spending time with their partner, or even with their own family. Better yet, you get to control their entire lives, choose what career they have, develop their skills, and even determine the relationships they have.

I do have to admit, The Sims has come a long way since The Sims 2, with The Sims 4 offering content I couldn’t have even dreamed of as a kid. Who knows, maybe one day, this beloved series will return to a handheld console.

There you have it, the best PSP games. To see what other handheld games are out there, you can check out our picks for the best Game Boy games, GBA games, 3DS games, and best DS games.