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Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list and how to reroll

Collect only the best heroes with the help of our Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list

Our Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list will help take the guesswork out of your time with this brand new gacha RPG, which might just be one of the best looking examples of the genre we’ve seen on mobile just yet. That’s thanks to a collaboration between Cygames and Crunchyroll Games, the latter of which, suffice to say, knows its anime.

Much like the best gacha games, Princess Connect Re: Dive features a bunch of characters to collect, which you can then add to your battle party. If you’ve seen the anime, you may recognise much of the cast, who return with full voice acting in this mobile spin-off.

When starting a new gacha RPG, your first port of call is to learn which characters are worth your time. That’s why we’ve created this Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list, to help you. We’ll also include full details on how to reroll, so you can start over if you don’t get the character you wanted. We’ve been there, don’t worry!

Now, without any further delay, let’s get into the Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list.

Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list

A girl in an over sized dress holding a staff


Tier Heroes
S Djeeta, Akino, Anna, Hatsune, Rino
A Ayane, Makoto, Shizuru, Nozomi, Eriko, Saren, Misato, Monika, Ninon, Io, Rin, Suzuna, Shiori, Jun, Kokkoro, Maho, Tsumugi
B Kaori, Rei, Karyl, Kuka, Miyako, Kurumi, Mitsuki, Yori, Mimi, Misaki, Illya
C Tamaki, Misogi, Lima, Hiyori, Akari, Mifuyu, Shinobu, Chika, Yuki
D Aoi, Matsuri, Mahiru, Suzume, Tomo, Yukari

A girl swinging a sword through a dark cave

Front – Offensive

Tier Heroes
S Akino
A Ayane, Djeeta, Eriko, Jun, Kaori, Makoto, Shizuru, Tamaki, Tsumugi
B Hiyori, Nozomi, Rei
C Kurumi, Misogi
D Kuka, Matsuri, Miyako, Lima, Tomo

A girl in a red dress fighting purple slime

Front – Defensive

Tier Heroes
S Akino, Shizuru
A Djeeta, Jun, Kuka, Makoto, Miyako, Nozomi, Pecorine
B Lima
C Eriko, Kurumi, Misogi, Rei, Tamaki
D Hiyori, Kaori

A girl protesting with a sign written in Japanese


Tier Heroes
S Saren
A Akari, Anna, Kokkoro, Monika, Ninon, Rin
B Mifuyu, Mimi, Mitsuki, Shinobu, Yukari, Illya
C Yori
D Mahiru

A girl lying in the grass looking at the camera


Tier Heroes
S Hatsune, Rino
A Io, Kyoka, Maho, Misato, Shiori, Yuki
B Aoi, Karyl, Misaki, Suzuna, Yui
C Chika, Arisa
D Suzume

How to perform a Princess Connect Re: Dive reroll

Performing a reroll in Princess Connect Re: Dive is actually fairly straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  • Boot up Princess Connect Re: Dive for the first time
  • When the Game Center/Google Play account login pop-up appears, hit cancel
  • Choose to skip the dialogue download and select the standard animations option on the subsequent screen
  • Play through the tutorial until you can perform your first gacha pull
  • Get the character you want? Great! Simply link your account in the settings menu to ensure you don’t lose it
  • Didn’t get it? Not to worry. Simply uninstall the game and redownload it, repeating the above steps

If you’ve already chosen to sign in via Game Center or Google Play, you should still be able to uninstall and repeat these steps.