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Punishing: Gray Raven’s release date lands later this month

Fight for Earth and uncover the secret behind the punishing virus

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Kuro Game’s hack-and-slash sci-fi action-RPG Punishing: Gray Raven launches July 16 across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Pre-registrations are open, and 300,000 of you are already in on the action.

You play as the commandant of the Gray Raven squad, a group of elite cyborg soldiers fighting to reclaim Earth. A virus, known as the punishing, eradicated the majority of life on the planet. Moreover, you face an army of corrupted machines – taking back your home is not going to be easy. When it comes to combat, you must prepare yourself, and your team, through the RPG-style squad management system.

As you progress, you uncover secrets. Who is behind the punishing virus? Why cause such a devastating event? Perhaps it’s best not to find the answers. Kuro Games is going all-in on Punishing: Gray Raven’s story, and will release new story chapters this year, as well as host a limited-time event.

Not only does Punishing: Gray Raven feature an ongoing story, but there are co-op scenarios that you can enjoy with up to two friends. Oh, and there’s a leaderboard, so you can strut your stuff and show why you are the best Gray Raven around. Alternatively, if chilling over competing is more your thing, create a home away from home and invite your friends over.

Punishing: Gray Raven pre-registrations are open for iOS and Android devices. Rewards are ripe for the taking, should enough of you pre-register. However, you do, regardless of sign-ups, get to redeem an in-game voucher for one of five high-tier constructs.

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