Train your brain with Qwert’s Daily Definundrum game mode

Qwert’s new Daily Definundrum game mode presents logophiles with a new brain training exercise using just a definition and some hints.

Qwert Daily Definundrum: The Qwert flying typewriter outlined and pasted on a blurred Qwert banner image with a pastel galaxy background and black letters

If you need some variety in your daily word game rotation, Karate Possum Games has just launched Qwert’s Daily Definundrum, a new daily challenge mode for the indie mobile word game which released earlier this year.

If you’re wondering what in the world a ‘Definundrum’ is, it’s a clever portmanteau of ‘definition’ and ‘conundrum’ which neatly summarizes the new game mode. In Daily Definundrum you must use only a definition and a handful of hints to figure out Qwert’s word of the day. Sounds simple, right? Be warned – the more hints you use, the lower your overall grade for the day will be.

Qwert offers several other game modes for us wordsmiths, including PvP modes like Time Attack and Wordplay, as well as the survival mini-game Splat. This holiday season, challenge your family and friends to some free-to-play word games on your mobile devices.

When is the Qwert Daily Definundrum live?

The Daily Definundrum is live and available to play for free now! You can download the app on Google Play or the App Store to get tapping on that typewriter.

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That’s everything you need to know about Qwert’s Daily Definundrum. We love a bit of wordplay at Pocket Tactics, so make sure you check out our lists of the best games like Wordle and the best word games on mobile.