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The 13 best games like Wordle in 2024

Our list of games like Wordle has all you need to engage your brain and act like a big old dictionary, with titles for Switch, iOS, and Android.

Custom image for games like Wordle guide with a Wordle score on a screen with a pink background

If you’ve already done your puzzle for the day and now you’re looking for more games like Wordle, we’re here to help. We’ve checked out countless word games, puzzle games, and some that put a twist on the classic Wordle formula in putting this guide together. All you need to do is decide which to play first.

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Now, let’s get into our guide to the best games like Wordle on Switch and mobile.

Screenshots from the word game Spelltower



Combine the classic word search with Tetris and you get SpellTower, an engaging experience for those looking for games like Wordle. It can be a tricky one to get the hang of, but once you do, the engagement factor of this game is through the roof, and you might have trouble putting it down.

If you like a touch of excitement in your puzzle games or are sick of regular Tetris, this is a great package and its presentation is stellar as well.

Games like World image showing four columns with different letters highlighted in green and yellow and others blank black on a black background.



Octordle is like Wordle but it’s designed to give you a migraine. With eight different words to guess, yet only one guess that applies to all of the eight words, it’s a tough one.

Keeping track of everything is part of the fun though, if you’re a bit of a maniac. Or, maybe, I’m just not clever enough. No, that surely can’t be the case…

Best games like Wordle: Word Forward. Image shows a game in progress.

Word Forward

Nintendo Switch

A word game with a unique twist. Word Forward asks you to spell words by tracing a line between tiles in any direction, even diagonally, and allows you to swap letters with the swap token mechanic.

This feels a little like a word search gone wild, and we really appreciate the clean design and UI throughout. Unlike Wordle’s one-a-day offering, there’s plenty here to get on with while you’ve got the word game bug.

Games like World header showing a white background with grey squares on it and a numpad below for putting in numbers.



Nerdle is another word game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve. While it’s a game like Wordle on the surface, it actually uses a completely different set of skills.

Have you ever looked at Wordle and thought, “but I’m no good with letters!”? Well, how about numbers? That’s what Nerdle asks of you, and it’s a really tough one to crack.

A large number of letters are visible in a rectangular grid


Nintendo Switch

This game is designed to help you chill out, a cozy puzzler where you must find many interesting words across the board, all to try and help Mia call the lost animals home before nightfall.

There’s very little pressure here, so it’s a lovely way to wind down at the end of the day, while still exercising your brain.

Games like Wordle image showing a globe on a blue background, with the focus on the African continent.



Globle is a bit of an odd one at first. You guess a country, and then the hints you receive are super limited. You know how far away the border is from the correct answer (unless you magically guessed it the first time).

The next guess, you find out if you’re getting closer or not, and so on. It’s a fun one, and helpful for learning a bit of geography. It’s hardly GeoGussr, but does offer a happy place between that notoriously difficult game and Wordle.

A game of Picross is shown with a large grid and numbers on either side

Picross S7

Nintendo Switch

Honestly, we could put any of the Picross S series games here, as each of them continues the high standard of quality, but the latest release also introduces touchscreen controls on the Nintendo Switch, so that just squeaks in ahead of the rest. Solve pixelated puzzles with a number grid that tells you exactly how many pixels on each line need to be filled in.

It’s soothing and incredibly addictive, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll be tearing through the dozens and dozens of puzzles here in no time. There’s even a special Mega Drive & Master System Picross game out there for all you Sega fans!

Games like Wordle header showing two columns with different stats inside on a black background -- most of the table is red.



Dordle is similar to Octordle which is also similar to Wordle. Are you keeping up? Rather than eight words or one word to guess, however, Dordle just gives you two words. And it’s quite a nice time!

It all works the same as Wordle, but this time doubled up, and the UI is clever enough to make clear what letters are still in play. Lovely.

Murder by Numbers

Nintendo Switch

Okay, so you know what Picross is. Imagine that, but a murder mystery and some thoroughly charming characters and dialogue, and you’ve got a good idea of what makes Murder by Numbers such a fantastic title.

While the puzzles are still the main focus – and there are some great ones here – it’s honestly a blast to have a fun narrative thread carrying you from one brain teaser to the next, and the fact it’s done with such well-written characters (we love you so much SCOUT) is just a bonus. A real delight for any puzzle fans out there.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain

Nintendo Switch

So, we’re slightly veering away from traditional word puzzles here, but if the thing you enjoy most about Wordle is comparing scores and feeling smarter than your friends, then this could be a perfect fit. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain brings the classic DS title into the modern day with some devious new puzzles and fantastic multiplayer options.

Face off against everyone in your house with local multiplayer, or prove you’ve got the biggest brain on the planet with online leaderboards. It’s a great invigoration of the series, and you can read even more about it in our Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain review.

A dark level shows a series of puzzles that can be solved by moving words around to make them form a sentence

Baba Is You

Nintendo Switch

Baba Is Good. If you’ve finished your Worlde for the day and really want to test your brain, then twist your noggin around this one, as Baba Is You presents some incredibly satisfying puzzles that border on learning to code.

Moving words around the world changes how they interact with each other, for instance, moving Door next to Is Open, will open a door, and so on. The developer has taken this framework and truly ran away with it. There’s no one way to finish either, so you can truly get creative with your solutions, in a game that is designed to infuriate and inspire in equal measure.

Games like Wordle - a screenshot of Typeshift on iOS



If you can imagine playing Wordle on a combination lock, you’ve sort of got the idea here. You must get each word by twisting the row of letters, making the puzzle as much about getting the word right, as also moving the letters in the right way.

This is definitely one of the closest games to Wordle, and it has plenty of different modes to get you through the day when you are itching for your next Wordle fix.

Best games like Wordle: Words with Freds. Image shows various words having been guessed.

Words With Freds

Nintendo Switch

Possibly the nearest thing to playing Wordle on your Switch, this cheap and cheerful version plays exactly how you’d expect, though it’s slightly tougher than the original version.

Still, this has touch support, a few different options, and loads of words to discover, all at the low price of a single buck. It’s the perfect answer for Switch owners!

That’s it for now, we hope you find something else to play with our list of games like Wordle. While you’re here, why not find something new to play your daily Worlde puzzle on with our guides to the best Samsung phones, best Google Pixel phones, and best Xiaomi phones. Or, if you’re more into making moolah than guessing words, check out our free Monopoly Go dice guide.