The best games like Wordle on Switch and mobile 2023

Need some other puzzles to solve after getting your Wordle fix? Well, there are plenty of games like Wordle for Switch, iOS, and Android on this list

Games like Wordle - Wordle on a phone

It’s no secret that Wordle has taken the world by storm. Twitter is filled with those little blocks desperately trying to fit letters into place, I’ll never look at a five-letter word the same way again. However, there’s only so much Wordle you can play in a day, so we’re here to give you some recommendations for the best games like Wordle on mobile and Switch.

Well, if you’re as addicted to Wordle as we are, then hopefully you’ll also get a kick out of some exciting puzzle games, a murder mystery with a perplexing twist, and plenty of other brain-teasing titles that’ll test the old grey matter just as well as our favourite hunt for five-letter words.

Now, let’s get into our list of the best games like Wordle on Switch and mobile.

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

Has Wordle given you an appetite for daily word puzzles? Well, if so, you might want to download Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles. It’s a game that does exactly what it says on its virtual box and gives you a crossword puzzle to play through each and every day. You can watch adverts to reveal certain letters if you’re stuck, and exchange in-game coins (which you can also get from viewing adverts) for more puzzles.

It could be a great game for you to enjoy while you’re riding in to work on the train or the bus. It’s a good alternative because pen and paper crosswords aren’t really going to be appropriate for bumpy journeys on public transport. With a slick, easy-to-use interface, it’s easy to imagine getting addicted to Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles and making it a part of your daily routine. Plus, as it times how long each puzzle takes you, it could be fun to compare times with friends.

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Word Forward – Switch

A word game with a unique twist. Word Forward asks you to spell words by tracing a line between tiles in any direction, even diagonally and allows you to swap letters with the swap token mechanic. This feels a little like a word search gone wild, and we really appreciate the clean design and UI throughout.

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WordHerd – Switch

This game is designed to help you chill out, a cosy puzzler where you must find many interesting words across the board, all to try and help Mia call the lost animals home before nightfall. There’s very little pressure here, so it’s a lovely way to wind down at the end of the day, while still exercising your brain.

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Picross S7 – Switch

Honestly, we could put any of the Picross S series games here, as each of them continues the high standard of quality, but the latest release also introduces touch screen controls on the Nintendo Switch, so that just squeaks in ahead of the rest. Solve pixelated puzzles with a number grid that tells you exactly how many pixels on each line need to be filled in.

It’s soothing and incredibly addictive, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll be tearing through the dozens and dozens of puzzles here in no time. There’s even a special Mega Drive & Master System Picross game out there for all you Sega fans!

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Murder by Numbers – Switch

Ok, so you know what Picross is. Imagine that, but a murder mystery and some thoroughly charming characters and dialogue, and you’ve got a good idea at what makes Murder by Numbers such a fantastic title. While the puzzles are still the main focus – and there are some great ones here – it’s honestly a blast to have a fun narrative thread carrying you from one brain teaser to the next, and the fact it’s done with such well-written characters (we love you so much SCOUT) is just a bonus. A real delight for any puzzle fans out there.

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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain – Switch

So, we’re slightly veering away from traditional word puzzles here, but if the thing you enjoy most about Wordle is comparing scores and feeling smarter than your friends, then this could be a perfect fit. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain brings the classic DS title into the modern day with some devious new puzzles and fantastic multiplayer options.

Face off against everyone in your house with local multiplayer, or prove you’ve got the biggest brain on the planet with online leaderboards. It’s a great invigoration of the series, and you can read even more about it in our Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain review.

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Baba Is You – Switch

Baba Is Good. If you’ve finished your Worlde for the day and really want to test your brain, then twist your noggin around this one, as Baba Is You presents some incredibly satisfying puzzles that border on learning to code. Moving words around the world changes how they interact with each other, for instance, moving Door next to Is Open, will open a door, and so on. The developer has taken this framework and truly ran away with it. There’s no one way to finish either, so you can truly get creative with your solutions, in a game that is designed to infuriate and inspire in equal measure.

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Games like Wordle - a screenshot of SpellTower on iOS

SpellTower – iOS

A word game with a nice splash of variety, SpellTower takes some inspiration from Tetris, and brings its own particular brand of puzzling fun with its focus on finding words from the falling blocks on each board. If you like a touch of excitement in your puzzle games, or are sick of regular Tetris, this is a great package and its presentation is stellar as well.

Games like Wordl - a screenshot of Hello Wordl on iOS

Hello Wordl – iOS

This is pretty much just Wordle, alright? Obviously, you should support the original creator by playing the main Wordle game over at NY Times, but if you simply can’t get enough Wordle in your life, then this shameless copy is going to satisfy that craving. It also offers many different types of words to find, going all the way up to eleven letters, so this could just be a great way to sharpen your skills for the main event.

Games like Wordle - a screenshot of Typeshift on iOS

Typeshift – iOS

If you can imagine playing Wordle on a combination lock, you’ve sort of got the idea here. You must get each word by twisting the row of letters, making the puzzle as much about getting the word right, as also moving the letters in the right way. This is definitely one of the closest games to Wordle, and it has plenty of different modes to get you through the day when you are itching for your next Wordle fix.

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Words with Freds – Nintendo Switch

Possibly the nearest thing to playing Wordle on your Switch, this cheap and cheerful version plays exactly how you’d expect, though it’s slightly tougher than the original version. Still, this has touch support, a few different options, and loads of words to discover, all at the low price of a single buck. It’s the perfect answer for Switch owners!

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That’s it for now, we hope you find something else to play while you wait for your next Wordle fix, even if some of these veer a little further away from the word-puzzle formula. If you are enjoying Wordle and don’t want to lose your streak, be sure to also check out our guide to the answer to Wordle today, which we update every morning.