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Randonautica stories - experiences from Reddit and Tik Tok

Here are some of our favourite Randonautica-related stories we've found online

A screen from Randonautica

Randonautica stories are fascinating examples of the experiences people have had with the app. Some are endearing and involve people finding the inspiration they were looking for. Some, however, serve as a reminder of what you should look to avoid. So, take this as your warning that there is some mature content ahead.

If you’ve been out the loop, Randonautica is a game that inspires players to explore their local surroundings by giving them random coordinates. You’re encouraged to think of a theme for your adventure to help you find something worthwhile. While the premise is simple, the inner workings are not. The app uses a quantum computer in the University of Australia to identify areas around you that are either high or low in quantum points. If you’re curious to find out more, you can check out our Randonautica explained guide.

We’re not talking about science this time, though. We’re collecting some of the Randonautica stories to share what kind of experiences people have had with the app. We’ll include a mix of positive and strange stories from Reddit and TikTok, so you have a rounded idea of what to expect. Now that’s out the way, here are some of the best Randonautica stories.

The best Randonautica stories are:

Randonautica Reddit

  • Some food to treasure – one Randonaut set their intention to find some treasure and came across a table of free food, with a sign saying that anyone could take some. As an avid fan of snaking myself, I could only dream of such an experience.
  • Looks like a sign – another group went on an adventure looking for guidance and stumbled across a sign that said “it’s your time” – a lot of these adventures are down to interpretation, but it’s a gentle reminder to seize the moment.
  • Sign from a friend – someone went on a trip in the hopes of receiving a sign from their departed friend, Zach. After some searching, they came across a poster saying “remember Zach”. It is a different Zach, but the sign does mention safety – makes you think.

Randonauts Tik Tok

  • A heckin’ good boy – two Randonauts set out with the theme of one of their mother’s lost dog. They didn’t come across the dog itself, but they did stumble across a friendly pupper who was all too happy to let them pet it. So yes, you can pet the dog in Randonautica.
  • Randonautica suitcase – this one has been all over the news sadly, but we feel we should address it as someone came across human remains in a suitcase. Remember that if you do use Randonautica and stumble across something that seems off, it probably is. We won’t be linking the Tik Tok here, but you can find it yourself if you feel so inclined.
  • Childhood memories – someone wanted to find something that reminded them of happiness from their childhood and came across a house that had the same number as theirs previously. The Tik Toker goes on to explain that the number 13 is significant as their family used to joke about it being an unlucky number.

And there you have it, some of our favourite Randonautica stories from Reddit and Tik Tok. Most of them are wholesome and make for some lovely watching. Others, however, prove to be a lesson of what you should do if you come across something that seems off. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can find it on iOS and Android.