Strategy mobile game Rise of Stars Re:Verse opens pre-registrations

Rise of Stars Re:Verse pre-registration is now open, and the mobile game promises to be a dream experience for those that enjoy deep space battles

Rise of Stars Re:Verse pre-registration key art that features various characters posing

It seems like every day there’s a new mobile game that’s keen to hit smartphones and tablets, and, on this occasion, it’s Rise of Stars Re:Verse, as players worldwide can register their interest in the game to play it immediately upon release. There’s an assortment of rewards for pre-registration, too.

So, now that Rise of Stars: Re:Verse pre-registration is available, it’s only right to divulge more details about what you can expect from the mobile title. As a 4X strategy game, you can expect an assortment of battles that take place across a vast universe that begs you to explore as you build formidable fleets for planet domination.

In order to conquer these planets, you need a game plan, and it just so happens that Rise of Stars Re:Verse features an in-depth customisation option that allows you to tailor your ship to your preferred battle style. So, you could have a fleet that values speed for a quick assault, or boast a bunch of slow but offence-heavy warships.

How can I sign up for Rise of Stars Re:Verse pre-registration?

If you want to pre-register for the game, you can do so via the App Store and Google Play. Doing so nets you the following rewards:

  • 150 premium tickets
  • A construction unit pass
  • 100 stamina
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