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Roblox Doors – monsters, wiki, and more

The new horror game on the block has several mysteries to uncover, if you’re brave enough to go through that door. Find out more in our Roblox Doors guide

Roblox Doors guide: a screenshot from the Roblox game Doors shows a dark and creepy hotel

Roblox is certainly not new to horror, with a lot of high-profile games already available and ready to scare your skin right off. One such game is Doors, a new game that takes the fear factor up even higher, with a slew of scary monsters and some terrifying moments tucked away in the many different corners of the hotel.

Our Roblox Doors guide will give you all the information you need to escape this horrifying hotel, as well as details on the many monsters waiting around every corner. Get used to seeing Rush, Screech, and the other creepy characters waiting to kill you, and use our guide to finally escape. It’s going to be spooky, but you can do it.

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Let’s open the spooky doors of knowledge and wander down the hallways of the horrifying hotel, otherwise known as our Roblox Doors guide.

Roblox Doors guide

Roblox Doors guide: a screenshot from the Roblox game Doors shows a dark and creepy hotel

All Roblox Doors monsters

There are quite a few creepy monsters to escape from in Doors, and you’ll need to know exactly what to do if you ever want to escape the hotel. Find below a list of each Roblox Doors monster, and a short description of what to do when you come across them.

  • Rush – when lights start to flicker, find a cupboard or vent and hide
  • Ambush – hide repeatedly, up to six times until it’s gone
  • Hide – if you hide for too long, Hide kicks you out and causes damage. Try not to hide repeatedly
  • Halt – when lights flicker but a Rush or Ambush doesn’t appear, there may be a Halt in the next room. Run down the hallway of the next room, and follow any on-screen prompts
  • Eyes – if Eyes appears, continue moving around them but avoid looking directly at it
  • Screech – when you enter a dark room and hear a quiet “pssst”, then Screech is coming. Turn around immediately and look at Screech to scare it away
  • Jack – this rare enemy does no damage, but it might scare the life out of you
  • Timothy – another rare enemy, Timothy has a small chance of appearing in drawers, but does very little damage
  • Glitch – this freaky foe only appears in multiplayer, punishing players who stray too far from the group. Stick together and you’ll be fine
  • Seek – appearing twice throughout the game (somewhere between rooms 30-45, and rooms 80-95), Seek will rise out from the floor and begin a cut scene. You must run down the hallway, following blue sparkles as they appear and crouching under any obstacles.
  • Figure – guaranteed to appear in rooms 50 and 100, Figure will chase players and has incredible hearing. Hide in a cupboard, and follow the prompts to get through the QTE. Two sides of a heart will move towards the centre of the screen, and you must press either Q and E, or the left and right buttons on a mouse to hit the corresponding side. Good luck!

Roblox Doors guide: a screenshot from the Roblox game Doors shows a dark and creepy hotel

How many doors are in Roblox Doors?

There are 100 doors in Roblox Doors, with monsters littered through. You will always meet Seek and Figure twice on your journey to 100. The other monsters appear at random, but you’ll see plenty of them over time. Currently, 100 doors is the limit, but the game ends with a teaser for more content. Given the popularity of the game, we expect more doors to be added to the game in the future by the developer LSPLASH.

Roblox Doors guide: a screenshot from the Roblox game Doors shows a dark and creepy hotel

How do I find the Roblox Doors wiki?

If you’re looking for even more details on the many maniacal monsters you’ll meet on your journey through the haunted hotel, you can head on over to the Roblox Doors wiki, for an in-depth breakdown of the many different enemies and floors.

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