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Roblox has changed its home page, and players are peeved

Nobody likes change, especially when it isn’t asked for, and Roblox players are annoyed at how different their home pages now look.

Roblox Bacon hair on an avatar holding a mic

Muscle memory is something ingrained in gamers from the moment they pick up a new system, fight mechanic, or UI, and so when changes start coming in out of left field, it leaves an understandably sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Roblox players had the unfortunate opportunity to experience this when the Roblox Home Page was altered overnight.
Featuring bigger game tiles with a 16:9 ratio, the totally unintuitive relocation of players’ continued games lists, and the removal of player counts, the changes have got the community pretty riled up.

Understandably so, because when you’ve played something for so long, you’ll notice even the tiniest of alterations. So to shake up the entire Home Page is a bold move, and Roblox players really aren’t happy about it.

In a recent developer post, Roblox staff revealed their reasoning behind removing the player count, and it’s apparently due to seeing an uptick in users engaging in newer content, rather than the same big titles. It’s certainly a good thing that Roblox wants to champion its smaller games and encourage the player base to experiment and explore the wealth of experiences on offer, but it still smarts when your personalized home page is no longer personalized.

Although some users still claim to see their continue section at the top of the page where it’s always been, it seems a large number of players put their fingers to work to scroll through at least six lines until they can see their last played games. This particular change is the one with the most complaints, and it’s easy to see why. Players will generally know what games they want to play, and more often than not it’s to continue what they were previously playing, and instead of it being easily accessible, it now takes a little bit of work to get there.

New Roblox home page featuring recommended games at the top

Even worse, players have also noticed a sudden influx of sponsored ads and money-grab games being promoted above their continued list and friends lists. The lack of player count information is quite a big deal for the likes of Roblox games, too, and can sometimes be the catalyst for a player deciding to hop into the lobby. Player count milestones normally equal some fresh Roblox codes, so it’s always something that the player base likes to see.

It seems as though Roblox is attempting to do a good thing by encouraging people to delve into new games, but no one likes to be force-fed a change. If it’s not organic, it’s entirely fair for you to be upset. For now, it seems we’re stuck with the new Home Page, but if you’re still dedicated to your favorite titles, then be sure to check out our lists of Blox Fruit codes, Jujutsu Shenanigans codes, and Mechanic Legends codes to bag some freebies to lessen the sting.