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Roblox Innovation Awards canceled after threat of violence at RDC 2023

Roblox canceled this year’s Innovation Awards, which were set to close out RDC 2023, to prioritize guest safety after a “potential security concern”.

Roblox Innovation Awards canceled: A Roblox Innovation Award virtual trophy, a gold statuette holding the Roblox square and wearing angel wings, outlined in white and pasted on the RDC 2023 key graphic

In a saddening end to this weekend’s Roblox RDC 2023 conference, Roblox canceled the Innovation Awards due to a “potential security concern”. This award ceremony is Roblox’s way of celebrating the achievements of game developers on its platform for their hard work and success throughout the year.

The company announced the decision via Twitter in what it has described as “an abundance of caution”. Many attendees were frustrated but ultimately agreed with the decision to prioritize safety over an awards show, as is shown in their replies to Roblox’s post. MikeTheRockstar, a Roblox event organizer and RDC attendee said, “Thank you for taking our safety seriously. Still had a fun two days and really appreciate all the work you guys did.”

The nature of the threat was unclear for quite some time, with many people speculating that the cancellation stemmed from a post by Twitter user Vinndict that suggested they would be in attendance with a firearm. The user has since deleted the post and apologized, stating that it was a “joke”.

In the hours since the initial announcement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, U.S. Park Police officers have arrested Roblox developer Simbuilder after he assaulted police and admitted to having a loaded firearm inside his car. Roblox has not shared any additional information about the incident as of yet.

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That’s everything we know so far about the Roblox Innovation Awards cancelation. We’ll be sure to update this article if and when we learn more. While you’re here, make sure to check out our Final Fantasy Ever Crisis review or read more about the future of Roblox dating.