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Roblox dating is the future according to CEO David Baszucki

The RDC 2023 keynote speech delivered a lot of important updates, including the news that Roblox dating is a big deal for the platform's 17+ plans.

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It’s the big weekend of the RDC 2023 conference, and we’re already learning some interesting things about the possible future of the platform. One thing that caught our eye is the future of Roblox dating, with the CEO David Baszucki revealing the company’s desire to bring users – users over 17, to be clear – further together through romantic experiences and new ways to connect. So, we’re expecting some interesting Roblox games that feature these elements in the near future.

While revealing ten five-year predictions to carry the platform through until 2023, Baszucki shared the following objective. “For 17+ verified people in 17+ experiences: Thousands of adults will meet for the first time in Roblox dating experiences and subsequently form real life relationships.” That might sound idealistic, but it’s worth pointing out that the 17-24 demographic is the fastest growing on the platform at the time of writing, so there’s certainly an audience to tap into.

While this prediction might be a concern to some parents whose children play the game, much of the rest of the RDC 2023 keynote spoke of enhanced security and age verification systems to help make ‘aging up’ a reality without turning away from the youth demographic. We should be clear that romance and dating are just part of the grandiose plans for the future of the platform, alongside more educational and entertainment experiences to suit all ages.

The rest of the RDC 2023 predictions are similarly aspirational, including goals to see a Roblox developer valued at one billion dollars, and to see the introduction of a universal civility metric. If you want to catch all the predictions for yourself, check out the stream below and head to the 1:40:00 mark.

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There you have it, the news that Roblox dating is set to become a much bigger deal over the next few years. If you’d rather game than date, grab some freebies with our guides to Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes. The latter includes links to Nuke Simulator codes, Project Slayers codes, and more.