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Pokémon Roblox games are just as popular as ever

Roblox games take inspiration from a wide range of IPs and that includes Pokémon. It’s so popular that one game has skyrocketed to the top in just two days.

Hoopa Unbound from Pokemon outlined in white and pasted over a blurred screenshot from Roblox games Project Bronze Forever.

We’re huge fans of Pokémon here at Pocket Tactics, and it seems like Roblox games developers are too as Project Bronze Forever has already surpassed one million visits since its launch. This is impressive for any Roblox game, but what makes this milestone particularly amazing is that Project Bronze Forever has only been live for two days.

According to RoMonitor Stats, in the short time Project Bronze Forever has been live, players have viewed it over 1.09 million times and it currently has a 97.84% positive rating. Plus, the developers’ official Discord server has over 330,000 members who make up a dedicated fanbase.

At first glance, this level of overnight success might seem incredible. But the truth is that although this iteration of Project Bronze Forever only went live on Roblox on April 7, the game at its core – Pokémon Brick Bronze – has existed in one form or another on Roblox since 2015.

Pokémon Brick Bronze is one of the most popular Pokémon fan games on Roblox and the wider internet. The reason that Project Bronze Forever went live so recently is because Nintendo’s strict copyright enforcement policies have resulted in Roblox taking the game down on several occasions, including an incident as recent as April 2, 2023.

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That’s everything we have on Roblox game Project Bronze Forever reaching over one million views. We’ve got all the Roblox game codes you need to get ahead in your favourite blocky experience. Or, if you’re after some Pokémon freebies, check out our Pokémon Go promo codes guide.