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The Rules of Survival Attack on Titan event is here

You're going to see some familiar faces in the Rules of Survival Attack on Titan event

A titan attacking

Things are heating up in Rules of Survival as the battle royale commences a month-long collaboration event with hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan. The event is available across America and Southeast Asia, and sees AOT fans come across more than a few familiar faces.

As part of the Rules of Survival Attack on Titan collaboration, major characters such as Eren and Mikasa are popping up in the game, and they’re bringing special buffs with them. If you want to gain an advantage in battle, make sure you seek out the AOT heroes and complete special missions in the specific training manual. Of course, as with any event, you can get your hands on themed items, including weapons and transformation costumes.

On top of that, NetEase is introducing a new interaction mode for the duration of the collaboration. In this mode, you can join the Survey Corp and fight against titans. Should you succeed, the Attack on Titan characters will reward you with tokens and give you the chance to win an upgraded bonus.

Rules of Survival first came onto the mobile scene in 2017 and continues to be a top-performing battle royale with more than 280 million installs across 65 countries.

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When does the Rules of Survival Attack on Titan collaboration begin?

It’s already here, having begun on October 13, and it’s running for one month.

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