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The Samsung Flex looks to compete with Razer in Android gaming market

The Samsung Flex looks to see the Android gaming market on fire and perhaps even provide some competition to mobile game hardware veteran Razer

A close up of the Samsung Flux gaming device

Move over, Razer. While there isn’t a Samsung Flex release date yet, we know that the device is on the way, and it looks set to take the Android gaming market by storm. Thanks to Retro Dodo, we know that the tech behemoth debuted the upcoming device at CES 2023 in January.

Yes, this means that we, unfortunately, don’t know an awful lot about the hardware, but YouTuber Federico Ini happened to be in attendance, which means thanks to a short clip on the channel, we can at least get a brief glance at the Samsung Flex Android gaming device. Yes, it looks fantastic.

It appears as though the centre of the device is essentially a foldable tablet, while at the sides is a typical gamepad – this looks like the future of mobile gaming, and the staff at PT are here for it. As for the colour scheme, the hardware dons a blue schematic with yellow analogue sticks and buttons. While the colours work well together, we can’t help but wonder if more are available come launch.

Should the Samsung Flex be as powerful as it appears, Razer may well face some stiff competition in the future.

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Samsung Flex release date speculation

There’s no word on a Samsung Flex release date yet, but its appearance at CES 2023 indicates that it’s on the way, and we fully intend to update this article as soon as we know more.

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