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Samsung Pokémon accessories respawn in time for Pokémon Day

The Samsung Pokémon accessories accessories are finally back in stock just in time for Pokémon Day, and you better be quick if you want to catch 'em all

Samsung Pokémon accessories for the flip phone, watch, and earbuds

If you sit squarely in the middle of the venn diagram between Samsung user and Pokémon fan you’re in for a treat, because Samsung is restocking its limited edition Pokémon themed accessories just in time for Pokémon day.

The Samsung Pokémon accessories consist of a cute case for the Galaxy Z Flip4, a funky strap for the Galaxy Watch5, and a prize Pokéball case for your Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Samsung originally announced these three little beauties back in November 2022, and fans everywhere flocked to purchase them like ‘mons around a lured Pokéstop. As such, the goodies sold out in a day and haven’t been back in stock since.

But now you’ve got more than the rumoured Pokémon game-related announcement from Nintendo to look forward to this Pokémon Day, as the limited Pokémon Samsung mobile accessories are coming back for another round. Just be sure to act quick – we’re sure they won’t stick around for long.

The Pokémon Samsung mobile accessories are currently on the official Samsung store. The Pokémon Galaxy Z Flip4 phone cover with ring costs $49.99, the Poké Ball Band for Galaxy Watch is $39.99, and the Poké Ball Cover for Galaxy Buds is $39.99. Though the listings are up, you can’t purchase them just yet.

Two Samsung Pokémon accessories - two phone cases

The sale of these items is set to go live on February 27 – the day that the original Pokémon Red and Green came out in Japan way back in 1996. February 27 is now recognised as Pokémon Day, and special announcements often accompany it, sales, and even events to celebrate the massively popular franchise.

Do you plan on snagging some of the Pokémon Samsung mobile accessories? Personally, we’re pretty tempted to catch ‘em all. If the case has got you considering picking up a Samsung device, check out our Samsung flip phone price guide. We’ve also got a list of the best Pokémon games for you to peruse.