Get set for surreal spelunking in Sephonie on Switch this summer

As the Sephonie release date draws closer, we get ready to join a trio of scientists as they explore caves across a mysterious island.

Sephonie release date: a woman jumping across rocks with an iguana in the foreground

The latest gem in Analgesic Productions’ crown is Sephonie, an acclaimed title coming to Nintendo Switch. The Sephonie release date is July 21st, 2023, so there’s not long to wait before we can dive into a great indie game on the console.

Publisher Ratalaika Games joins Analgesic Productions to bring this delightful game to Nintendo Switch along with other platforms later this month. Sephonie joins Analgesic’s previous titles Anodyne and Even the Ocean on the Switch’s roster.

Sephonie weaves together platforming sections with fantastic graphics along with a fascinating story filled with Asian history. You take on the role of three different East Asian scientists exploring an island from top to bottom.

Begin on the island’s surface and head deeper into sandstone caves and jade-lined crevasses filled with trees. Along the way, you come across mysterious creatures that may, perhaps, give you some nice boosts and abilities.

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These abilities include acrobatic moves, vaulting, wall-running, and gliding with the help of the flora and fauna in the caverns. The most interesting thing about Sephonie is the Mindshare segments where you discover more about the scientists. These sections are visual-novel-like and show places from each character’s past as you venture forth.

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