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Seven Knights 2 celebrates a special anniversary with freebies and events

Mark the occasion of 77 days of Seven Knights 2 with a new Legendary Hero and much more.

Various warriors from the Seven Knights 2 Roster

Everyone likes to kick off a new year with a bang, and the developers of Seven Knights 2 are no different. Following an already massive post-release update, even more content arrives 77 days into the global launch of Netmarble’s mobile RPG in the form of the 77 Festival. And even though it’s their party, you’ll be the one taking home the presents.

From now until February 16, you can take part in the biggest Seven Nights 2 77 Festival event yet, with extra quests, more rewards, and the chance to get your hands on a Legendary Hero Selection Ticket. It’s also the first time players will be able to access Legendary Hero Vindictive Blade Aquila, a support class warrior capable of buffing teammates and providing valuable assistance during guild raids.

As well as the big draw Legendary Hero Selection Ticket, you’ll be able to add some fluffier comrades to your roster with Pet Summons tickets rewards, as well as access to a host of powerful weapons and armour with Legendary Equipment. With all this, it’s the perfect time for new and returning players to jump into the Arena and do some magic battling.

Not only are there extra quests and rewards, but players will also be able to participate in exclusive Growth Support and Draw Rate Up Events. The Draw Rate Up Event boosts the likelihood of obtaining the elf-demon Aquila, while the Growth Support element offers multiple soul stones to help transcend the latest Legendary Hero into an even more formidable warrior.

Promotional image showing the various rewards available during the 77 Festival.

When is the 77 Festival Taking Place in Seven Knights 2?

All the events and rewards associated with the 77 Festival are live now, with most of them running through until February 16. However, it’s important to note that both the Growth Support and Draw Rate Up Events end slightly earlier on February 4, so get Aquila and her precious soul stones ahead of the curve.

Having already made our list of the best mobile games in 2021, Seven Nights 2 is making a solid case for keeping its place for a second year, and we’re looking forward to future updates and milestones. If all these treats and freebies leave you wanting more, be sure to check out our Seven Knights 2 codes, or if you need help deciding on your hero of choice, take a browse of our Seven Knights 2 tier list.