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Seven Knights 2 welcomes the new year with a massive update

Featuring new characters, story, pets, events, and more, the latest Seven Knights 2 update offers plenty of content to sink our teeth into

Two Seven Knights 2 characters in battle stances

Netmarble’s gorgeous mobile RPG Seven Knights 2 is kicking off 2022 with a fresh chapter in its story and brand new legendary heroes. After a successful launch in 2021, the adventures of the Daybreak Mercenaries have received plenty of much-deserved attention, and now their tale continues in chapter 11, as they head to the Dark Magic Research Tower, seeking to uncover Neo Dellons’ memories.

Seven Knights 2 producer and game director Cho Sungo told us in our Seven Knights 2 interview that their ‘goal was to create a mobile game with a great story as the main focus’, and as the new chapter comes out, plunging us further into the deep lore of its world, it’s clear they are sticking to that core value.

But if the rich story isn’t enough for you, we also have access to two fresh heroes. The first is Legendary+ Hell Lord Kris, who possesses a unique ‘Instant Death’ skill that activates when continued attacks are unleashed and certain limits are reached. Then there’s Legendary+ Mad Researcher Mercure, who wields a suppressor that weakens the powerful, eight-player dungeon boss, Saleos.

In addition to all of this, there are even more great features in the new update, including new Legendary+, rare grade pets Legendary Hero Rudy and Legendary Mercure, as well as adorable New Year’s clothes for the Shay pet, which you can obtain through the four to eight player raids.

Seven Knights 2 update banner for Scenario chapter 11, showing two heroes in battle stances

There’s also the New Year Festival Special Check-In Event, which rewards you with goodies for logging in daily over the next 14 days, and a Hero Summon Event, which will give you a variety of treats for summoning heroes.

With Seven Knights 2 already claiming a spot on our mobile games of the year 2021, we’re excited to see where else this fresh, story-driven RPG will take us throughout 2022. If you want to know more about the game, head over to our Seven Knights 2 preview, or take a look at our Seven Knights 2 codes and Seven Knights 2 tier list.