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New hero Ophelia charges into Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2’s Ophelia is the latest hero to arrive in Netmarble’s mobile RPG, though the recent update offers a range of events, too.

Seven Knights 2 Ophelia posing in front of a purple moon

The war rages on in Netmarble’s mobile RPG, but Seven Knights 2’s Ophelia is here to help you all win the fight. Of course, as with any update, she’s not the only addition to the smartphone title, as the season one scenario gets a new chapter, mythic equipment gets new enhancement levels, and there’s even a new transcendence tier.

Yes, as with any of the best mobile RPGs out there, you can also expect to come across numerous events. But before we get too invested in those, let’s take a deeper look at Ophelia. In Seven Knights 2, she’s known as the Shield of Protection, which gives you a hint at what sort of hero she is. As a tank, Ophelia is a great addition to your team if you’re after some good defense, especially as she can reduce the damage your enemies cause.

As for the new chapter in Seven Knights 2 season one, Nightmare gives you the chance to go back through the story at higher difficulty levels. Sure, you might think, ‘why? Why would I want to put myself through that pain?’ Well, friends, that’s because you can get some fantastic rewards for doing so.

What are the new Seven Knights 2 events?

There are three limited-time events you can take part in, the first of which is the Full Moon Week Check-in. If you jump into the game for seven days between September 27 and October 12, you can get rewards that allow you to choose from a selection of legendary+ armor. Meanwhile, during that same time period, you can access Alice’s Full Moon Week Soulstone Shop, where you can use coins that you earn to buy limited-time items.

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Finally, through the Full Moon Week Celebration Equipment Crafting Support event, you can get rewards for completing various in-game missions, namely strengthening your gear. For doing so, you get goodies such as mythic upgrade stones.

If Seven Knights 2’s Ophelia and all of these events aren’t enough to pull you in, maybe you want to check out our list of the best Switch RPGs to see what other adventures are out there.