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Plague Inc meets James Bond in mobile game Sigma Theory

With mobile game Sigma Theory’s release date popping up sooner than you might think, anyone with a love of subterfuge needs to check this one out

Key art of Sigma Theory cover with a suited man looking concerned

If you like a mobile game with a bit of scope, then the secretive and subterfuge-laden world of Sigma Theory might be the title you’ve been waiting for. This cold war simulator allows you to take on special agents from all around the world, build new partnerships with shady organisations, and take part in special operative missions under the cover of darkness. Sounds good? I thought so.

Better still, the Sigma Theory release date isn’t as far into the future as the technology you can see in the game’s trailer. So, before you know it you can put your cool head and killer wit to the test as you try and navigate a new cold war from either a position of strength in Sigma Theory’s unsurprisingly deep mechanics and lore.

Despite knowing little more than that, we think there’s good reason to be excited about Sigma Theory arriving on mobile, with the game published by PID Games. You might not recognise the company by name, but this is the team that brought us Turnip Box Commits Tax Evasion, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and Merchant of the Skies, so we think there’s pretty good reason to expect a quality game in Sigma Theory.

When is the Sigma Theory release date?

It’s time to get your secret gadgets out of the kitchen draw, as the Sigma Theory release date arrives on October 18, 2022. You can check out the latest trailer below.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the mobile game Sigma Theory’s release date. For more espionage with dramatic consequences, see our picks for the best mobile shooters.