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The best mobile shooters

If you fancy going on a killing spree, we've picked out a selection of the best mobile shooters, including Call of Duty, PUBG, Hitman, and more.

A group of soldiers holding guns

Do you ever have those days where every little thing irritates you, and all you want to do is take your frustration out on something? Well, we do too, and we have a socially acceptable way of getting rid of your anger, while also taking people out, and that’s playing the best mobile shooters. Sure, you could throw your keyboard across the room, but that seems like an HR problem, whereas shooting digital enemies harms no one – except for players with overbearing egos, but we encourage that.

Our list of the best mobile shooters is full of recommendations for every mobile gamer, from teamwork to PvE, PvP, and all-out war modes that make it every player for themselves. No matter which game you choose, we just have one thing to say – make short work of your opponents. The world doesn’t revolver-round them. Naturally, this list is full of games you’re likely familiar with, but there are also games that you might not have heard of.

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Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the best mobile shooters:

Mech Arena

Some days, one of the best ways to unwind is to load up a game like Mech Arena and then spend an hour or so blowing things up. This is a game that stylistically feels a lot like Overwatch (which was likely an influence on the developers) and it’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: you play as a battle mech and you and other players fight each other in an arena.

It’s really easy to just hop in and find a game if you prefer to play casually, but if you’re more competitive, then you’ll enjoy putting in lots of hours so that you can unlock all the customisation options and really hone your playstyle. You can make the mech your own and find options that best compliment your preferred battle strategy. After you’ve said  “just one more game” a hundred times, you’ll realise you’ve been playing all night.

Play Mech Arena for free.

Best mobile shooters: Call of Duty: Mobile. Image shows Ghost and a fellow soldier stood at the front of a storm.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Was there ever any doubt that COD Mobile would make it onto this list? The franchise is one of the most popular in the shooter genre, with new games releasing every single year – we find this to be a bit excessive, but hey, who are we to argue with what people want. When it comes to Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s much like its older brothers in that it puts in you PvP situations across various game modes.

Oh, and unlike its PC and console counterparts, COD: Mobile is completely free. In all honesty, you could download this gem and Warzone, both for nothing, and get the full Call of Duty experience. You don’t lose! Actually, you might, but that comes down to your shooting skills.

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Best mobile shooters: Garena Free Fire Max. Image shows explosions with characters and guns.

Garena Free Fire MAX

Here’s a gun go happy game that pits you against 50 other players, all of them fighting for survival just as you are. Of course, this game offers more or less the same experience as Garena Free Fire, except it boasts much better graphics, enhancing your experience. Each month, the game gets a new Elite Pass that fits a different theme – this year alone, fairy tales, the wild West, and scarecrows have come to Free Fire. No, the latter was not for Halloween because scares are acceptable all year round.

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Best mobile shooters: PUBG Mobile. Image shows a series of characters in military and combat outfits, standing around a jeep holding weapons.

PUBG Mobile

Are you a lone wolf? Do you prefer to form uneasy alliances, then shoot them in the back? If so, PUBG Mobile is the game for you. Granted, the main genre for PUBG is battle royale, but given the amount of shooting you do, it deserves a spot on this list. It’s up to you to fight and scrap your way through this warzone with a loadout of customisable weapons.

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Best mobile shooters: Alien Shooter 2. Image shows a tank shooting at aliens in the street. At the bottom of the image, it says "The great battle has begun"

Alien Shooter 2

E.T. go home. If you enjoy shooting things, have a soft spot for aliens, and enjoy causing carnage, Alien Shooter 2 is the game for you. The title says it all. You equip yourself with the best weaponry possible before going on a rampage to rid the world of its alien invaders. It’s a fun experience that suits anybody looking to scratch the shooty itch.

However, this isn’t just a mindless shooter. There’s a campaign to play here with a mystery for you to solve over hours of gameplay. Of course, you can just go online and prove your dominance against other players if you wish.

Best mobile shooters: Zombie Shooter. Image shows a field full of zombies approaching a house.

Zombie Shooter 

Can we all agree that there are few things as satisfying as blowing a zombie’s head off? Therefore, it’s no surprise that Zombie Shooter makes it onto this list. Honestly, you’d have to mess up pretty badly for a zombie game not to be fun. Therefore, Zombie Shooter proves to be an enjoyable game that can be played all year round – zombies are for life, not just for the spooky season. This game features a campaign mode for those that enjoy a story or game modes that task you with beating mindless hordes. There’s zombie-slaying fun for everyone.

Best mobile shooters: Hitman Sniper. Image shows a sniper rifle with buildings in the distance. Text reads "The definitive sniper experience."

Hitman Sniper

For those of you who prefer to strike from the shadows, you can give Hitman Sniper a try. If you’re not familiar with the franchise, well, we aren’t sure what to say to that – perhaps go out there and embrace your inner assassin. What this game entails is in the name, you’re a hitman that takes out their targets through the use of a sniper rifle. Admittedly, sniping a hit isn’t quite as fun as all the wild and wondrous ways you can assassinate them in the main series. But hey, you can still take Hitman on the go with you, and that’s a win for everybody.

Best mobile shooters: Johnny Trigger. Image shows a guy shooting two other characters while flipping through the air.

Johnny Trigger

Here’s Johnny! Seriously, this game is silly fun. You get to flip around while shooting bad guys – what’s not to love. It mixes Matrix-like parkour with action that would make any 80s shoot ’em up movie proud. The game is simple, making it easy to pick up and play while also offering badass satisfaction through its array of stunts.

Oh, and if you happen to prefer sniping, there’s Johnny Trigger – Sniper Game for you to check out. Seriously, we’d all rather you got these urges out in a game like this rather than camping in the corner on Call of Duty.

There you have it, our picks for the best mobile shooters. If you’ve had enough of mobile games, take a look at our picks for the best Switch puzzle games and best Switch RPGs here.