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Smite patch notes

Smitch patch notes help you keep up to date with the latest changes to the game, with our exhaustive guide. Don’t get MOBA FOMO, and stay on top of your game.

Smite patch notes: Charon strikes a threatening pose

Our Smite patch notes guide aims to bring you all the latest information straight from developer Titan Forge Games, so you can get back to bashing enemies and playing god as quickly as possible. With so many different ways to play and gods to conquer, you need to make sure you understand all the changes made to this ongoing title. Nerfs, buffs, new gods, and many more changes are common, so keep up to date with our guide!

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Here’s our guide to Smite patch notes.

Smite patch notes

Smite patch notes: Key art shows characters from the game Smite

Smite patch notes 10.12 –

season of Worlds update – live November

This latest update is packed with skins including a Coolseidon option showing the man himself surfing with floaties on his arms, a Yule-themed skin for Aphrodite, and some other very fancy choices. Find the full details on the official Smite site, here.

Smite patch notes 10.11 RuneScape Returns update – live October

RuneScape aficionados – this one’s for you. All previous RuneScape crossover skins are available, alongside new ones, too. This update brings new bundles of cosmetics, as well. Here’s the full rundown of what’s happening in 10.11 on the official Smite site.

Smite patch notes 10.10 Protector of the Dead update – live September

Finally, the pantheon of voodoo gods welcomes another entry with Maman Brigitte. This sorceress wields powerful magic, and can even command a spectral snake to attack foes. Find out more about her and the rest of this update at the official Smite website.

Smite season 10 patch notes 10.9 bonus update – live September

This extra update is mostly about balance, making changes to Apollo, Cabrakan, and He Bo among others. The update also introduces the new Garruk Chaac skin. You can learn all about this update at the official Smite website.

Smite season 10 – Avatar: The Last Airbender 10.8 update – live August

Smite crosses over with the popular anime Avatar: The Last Airbender, including some pretty nifty new character skins. You can find all the details over on the Smite website.

Smite season 10 patch notes 10.7 update – live July

Smite now includes the new Greek god, Charon the Ferryman. This update includes Charon, new Charon skins, and new god skins for Kukulkan, Ix Chel, Poseidon, Bacchus, and more. Full patch notes are available on the official Smite website.

Smite season 10 patch notes 10.6 update – live June

New god skins are the main draw in this latest update, with additions of Alpha Pack Fenrir, Spicy Ramen Ra, and Angel of Chaos Cthulhu. Find out more about this update over at the official Smite website.

Smite season 10 patch notes 10.5 update – live May 11

The Smite 10.5 patch introduces balances and new skins including Ironmouse Persephone, Silverdale Skadi, and Kson Nemesis. You can find all the details over on the official Smite website.

Smite Season 10 patch notes

10.4 Ix Chel update – live April 12

The 10.4 update brings the new Mayan god Ix Chel, as well as several new skins for the deity such as Crimson Light Ix Chel, and Ascended Ix Chel. The full details on the new god are available on the official Smite website.

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10.3 update – live March 28

Several new god skins are available, alongside small improvements and adjustments. Some of the new skins include Business Dog Anubis, Leading Lady Aphrodite, and Cryomech Ymir. Find all the details on the official Smite website.

10.2 bonus update notes – live March 7

A small balance update brings changes to season 10.2, including two new god skins in the form of Blood Raven Horus and Techno Basher Hou Yi. You can read the full details over on the official Smite website.

10.2 update – live February 15

The 10.2 update for Smite is now live, introducing the manticore king Martichoras. The fierce greed god has glowing green horns, and sports a truly vicious look. Alongside the new god, this patch includes new skins such as the ascended Martichoras, Gilded Glory Ishtar, Teferi Chronos, and Bumble Bee Jing Wei. Get all the details on the new update over at the official Smite website.

10.1 update – live January 18

The latest season is now live, celebrating 10 years of Smite! Surtr the Fire Giant is the latest addition to the Norse Gods, and features the signature moves Obsidian Flesh and Flames of Muspell. Meanwhile, new skins include Azure Flames Surtr, Karn Atlas, Atraxa Thanatos, and Denton Bacchus. Get the full details for the latest season and update over at the official Smite website.

Smite Season 9 patch notes

9.12 bonus update – live December 13

The next Smite update is already here, and the latest patch brings players skins including Tokyo Machine Loki, Nidhoggr Jormungandr, Spell Blaster Charybdis, and more. It also details several upcoming skins, rolling out over the rest of December and early January. Get the full details on this update over at the official Smite website.

9.11 bonus update – live November 29

With version ten still waiting in the wings, the latest bonus update 9.11 offers Heatwave Pele, Winged Machina Nike, and Big Fortune Ganesha skins. For the full balance notes, you can find the information in detail via the official Smite website.

9.9 bonus update – live October 4

As part of the latest update, there’s new spooky skins for Agni and Tsukuyomi, as well as a special taco skin for Bakasura.

9.7 bonus 1 update notes – live July 26


Sphinx’s Bauble

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing this item while dead increased the Cooldown Reduction cap more than intended
  • Due to this fix, cooldown-based MOTDs will be unavailable temporarily. These modes include:
    -Grab Bag
    -All Out Assault
    -Cooldowns Runneth Over
  • Ferocious Executioner and Heavy Executioner

Fixed an issue with the passives stacking on targets

Stone cutting sword 

  • Decreased max stacks from 3 to 2 on both the enemy protections decreased and owners protections increased
  • (21 max prot reduction decreased to 14 max, 15 max prots gains decreased to 10)

Golden blade

  • Decreased Movement Speed from 10% to 7%

Bumba’s hammer 

  • Decreased Passive True Damage from 80 to 70
  • Decreased Passive Heal from 120 to 100
  • Decreased Passive Cooldown Reduction from 1s to 0.5s



  • Living Nightmare
    – Decreased damage mitigation chernobog gains upon landing from 10/15/20/25/30% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%
    – Decreased max stacks on the slow the shadow clones apply from 4 stacks to 3 stacks (decreased max flow from 16% to 12%)


  • Judgement tether

– Decreased damage reduction from 15/20/25/30/35% to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%

Erlang Shen

  • Howling celestial dog

– decreased damage from 7.5% of his basic attack power to 5%

  • 72 transformations

– decreased mink damage scaling from 85% of your physical power to 70%

Midseason 9.7 update

  • Bug fixes
  • UI

– Fixed an issue where Yu Huang was missing in the pick your own god chest
– Fixed an issue where clan avatars were displaying blank art icons in the clan loadout

  • General Gameplay
  • Conquest – primal fury

– Fixed an issue where primal fury was dealing more damage than intended

  • Speed Buff

– Fixed an issue where the Chief Centaur’s special attack was scaling incorrectly and doing more damage than intended

  • Obelisk offerings

– Fixed an issue where offerings were giving more mana than intended

– Fixed an issue where the Spirit minion could be crowd-controlled out of the mist and become immune

  • Corrupted Arena

Fixed an issue where this map had the season eight item store instead of the current item store

  • Jungle Practice

– Fixed an issue where killing the Fire Giant gave two buffs to Gods instead of one

– Fixed an issue with the green buff pad icon displaying as the Red buff icon

– Fixed an issue with the green buff not dropping when the camp was killed and not having a leash radius

  • Slash

– Fixed an issue where disconnecting from the match while going through a Juggernaut portal caused visibility issues when the player reconnected

  • Auto Buy

– Fixed an issue where auto buy wasn’t purchasing Rangda’s and Lono’s Mask

– Fixed an issue where auto buy wasn’t purchasing Bancroft’s Talon


  • Lancelot

– Fixed an issue where stuns weren’t knocking him off his mount
– Fixed an issue where he was targetable during Freya banish while unmounted
– Fixed an issue where Pridwen’s shield explosion wasn’t proccing after his ultimate ability
– Fixed an issue where Nox couldn’t exit shadow form while he was mounted
– Fixed an issue where his model would glitch when being pushed or pulled by certain Gods
– Fixed the description of his Mount Up ability missing a word in the last sentence

  • Skadi
    Fixed an issue where Kaldr could become untargetable if toggled off at specific times (fixed in bonus patch 6/28/22)
  • Shiva
    Fixed an issue where getting displaced by Gilgamesh would cause display and performance issues
  • The Morrigan
    Fixed an issue where transforming while travelling through a Juggernaut portal caused visibility issues to enemy Gods in Slash
  • Set
    Fixed an issue with his intro animation and weapon when jumping
  • Rama
    Fixed an issue with his Honorable Hero skin using the Sacred Arrow skin’s voice pack
  • Cabrakan
    Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the air if knocked up onto his Tectonic Shift walls


  • Magi’s Cloak and Spirit Robe
    Fixed an issue where these items could be sold multiple times (Fixed in Bonus Patch 6/28/22)

Smite is a very active game, so while this is it for today, do check back for more details soon, and all the latest information in each patch. If you just can’t wait until then, why not check out our huge guide to the very best Nintendo Switch games and find a new game to play today.