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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-orders guide

It's time to get in your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-orders before the game releases this July if you want to add this open world RPG to your collection

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters running across a beach

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-orders have been available for a while, and now that Nintendo has decided to bring the release date forward by two months, fans will be keen to make sure they get their copy of this upcoming open-world RPG. If you’re still wondering whether to dive in, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 review.

The next instalment in the series won’t focus on Shulk or Rex (the respective protagonists of the first two games), but will instead introduce two new heroes who you can learn more about in our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Mio guides. Or, if you’re more of a generalist, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters guide. But where can you perform a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-order?

We now have the revised Xenoblade Chronicles 3 release date, so there’s not long to wait. To learn more, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 trailers, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ouroboros, or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes guide. This is bound to be a massive game, so best to be prepared.

Here’s everything we know about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-orders at this time:


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 special edition

Nintendo announced that the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 special edition includes a steel book and an art book, and is exclusive to the My Nintendo Store. Check out the Tweet below to see it in all its glory.

The Xenoblade Chronicles collector's edition against a black background

If you’re keen to get all of the pre-order perks, then we recommend waiting until we have more information from other stores. If you bookmark this page and check back in future, we’ll update it as and when the information on any potential bonuses or other editions comes through.

If you’re just keen to get the game on launch day and aren’t too worried about other editions, then you can pre-order the game via the links below.

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