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Sega reveals amazing new Sonic Dream Team animation

The new Sonic Dream Team animation lets us travel through the dream world and get a sense of what the new mobile game from Sega entails.

Sonic Dream Team animation: A screenshot from the animation of Ariem's face smiling while she holds up a cat's cradle of pink and blue glowing threads

Sega has given us a glimpse into Dr. Eggman’s wacky imagination with the new Sonic Dream Team animation. The video serves as the opening to the Apple Arcade-exclusive 3D action platformer and offers a few more tidbits of information on the mysterious story.

Sonic Dream Team’s opening animation is reminiscent of the old Sonic cartoons from our childhoods while being full of dreamy color palettes and bizarre scenes such as Eggman with spindly noodle arms slamming down on our protagonists. Tyson Hesse, a Sonic team veteran, directed the dynamic movie, Powerhouse Animation brought it to life, and Tee Lopes scored it.

We don’t know a huge amount about the game ahead of the Sonic Dream Team release date, other than it has a roster of six playable characters and that it follows the classic Sonic formula of ‘defeat Eggman, save the world’. This new trailer does show Amy using her iconic hammer, which I for one hope carries over into the game – hammerless Amy in Sonic Superstars was incredibly disappointing to me.

We also catch a couple more glimpses of Sonic Dream Team’s brand-new character, an anthropomorphic sheep whose name, according to Polygon’s preview, is Ariem, which is a play on Aries (the sheep sign) and REM sleep. She’s the guardian of The Reverie, this game’s mystical device that can make your dreams come true, and that Dr. Eggman has his eyes on. We see Ariem playing cat’s cradle with some colorful strings like she’s weaving dreams or fate itself… I hope she’s on our side!

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That’s everything you need to know about the Sonic Dream Team animation. We’re huge fans of the blue blur here at Pocket Tactics, so make sure you check out our lists of the best Sonic games, Sonic characters, and Sonic figures next.