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Sonic Dream Team’s Sweet Dreams update adds a new zone

The Sonic Dream Team Sweet Dreams update addresses some complaints from fans, adding a ranks feature to more than 100 missions in the game.

Knuckles flying through a Sonic Dream Team Sweet Dreams level with a cloudy background and platforms around him

The impending Sonic Dream Team Sweet Dreams update looks set to shake up the Apple Arcade exclusive, offering you plenty of fresh content, including a whole new zone for you to speed through and enjoy. Sega Hardlight has fan enjoyment at the forefront of its mind, and it shows as the update addresses some of the complaints the player base has had since the release of the game in December 2023.

While Sweet Dreams’ new zone is certainly an exciting prospect, what with how colorful and creative the new one is, one of the things that is sure to entice you is the new challenges. One of the biggest complaints all you Sonic games fans have had is that Sonic Dream Team is too easy, there’s no huge challenge to the game. Well, Sega Hardlight is ready to change that, for not only is the new zone “quite tricky” and full of end-game content being available post-story, but the team is introducing ranks for every mission in the game.

You know what that means? There are more than 100 new challenges for you to sink your teeth into, and that’s before you even let loose in the new zone. Beyond that, you also need to keep your eyes peeled for more collectibles.

While the new Sonic update doesn’t address all of the complaints fans have, as new Sonic characters to use seems to be quite a popular opinion, it certainly does offer plenty of fresh content that’s sure to keep you busy for a while. Plus, while you may want to see some more faces, it’s evident in the feedback that the developers received that many of you are very happy to play as Cream, with Dream Team being her first playable outing since Sega Heroes in 2018, though that game has since shut down.

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The Sonic Dream Team Sweet Dreams update comes out on April 17, so you have just two days to wait until you can dive into a new zone, experience fresh challenges, and show the world what you’re made of. Should you not be in the mood to go fast, you can sit down and chill out with our list of the best relaxing games on mobile and Nintendo Switch.