Sony Project Q release date speculation

The new Sony Project Q release date isn’t set, but a recent leak suggests the handheld runs on Android, though it’s likely not the final version of the OS.

Sony Project Q release date header showing a PS5 console, a tall tower of black wrapped in white plastic, next to a handheld device - two controllers either side of a tablet-style scree -- with the Android logo superimposed on top of it, all on a grey and black gradient background.

A recent video appears to show Sony’s new handheld device running Android, still with plastic covering the front of its screen. Considering we don’t know the Sony Project Q release date, we don’t know how early a version of the device this could be, but by the looks of it it’s legitimate (even if it looks unlikely to join the ranks of the best portable gaming consoles).

As posted on Twitter by Zuby_Tech (via The Verge), the video shows the user navigating through menus on the device before flipping it over to show off the rest of the body. The menus are super basic, clearly not what we’ll see in the final build, though the fact that it might run Android could suggest a few things.

The Sony Project Q handheld is pitched as an accessory for the PS5, sort of like a Wii U gamepad – just a device to extend the PS5s power or for cloud gaming, too. But, with it running Android, it feels possible the device could have games natively installed, though that would all depend on what the specs on the inside of the thing actually are, something we don’t know at the moment.

While this leak seems solid, the operating system won’t be final, and lots can change before the launch, so take it all with a pinch of salt. We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest on Sony’s new handheld as it comes to us.

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Sony Project Q release date speculation

We don’t have a firm Sony Project Q release date, but we do know it’s planned to launch in late 2023. It was announced in May 2023, and you can check out the full showcase above (but be warned, there’s very little information about the handheld therein).

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