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Sony Project Q release date speculation

The Sony Project Q release date has arrived, revealing a unique handheld device that allows you to take your PS5 on the go.

Sony Project Q release date header showing a PS5 console, a tall tower of black wrapped in white plastic, next to a handheld device - two controllers either side of a tablet-style scree -- with the Android logo superimposed on top of it, all on a grey and black gradient background.

After catching a glimpse of an intriguing handheld, we were all curious as to what the Sony Project Q release date would bring. Would it mark Sony’s long awaited return to the handheld market? Well, not quite – as Sony later revealed Project Q to be a code name for the PlayStation Portal, an add-on device for your PS5. Here’s everything you need to know about this release.

But don’t worry if the PlayStation Portal didn’t quite live up to your dreams, as it looks like there is a new PlayStation handheld in the works – though it may take a while before we see it come to fruition. In the meantime, there are plenty of exciting devices to browse in our list of the best portable gaming consoles.

Here’s everything we know about the Sony Project Q release date.

Sony Project Q release date speculation

Sony revealed that Project Q was in fact a code name for the PlayStation Portal, which released on November 15, 2023, and you can order one for yourself from the official PlayStation website.

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What is Sony Project Q?

Back in 2023, we got a glimpse of a new Sony’s handheld device running Android, still with plastic covering the front of its screen. At the time, we knew nothing about the Sony Project Q release date, nor what its real product name would be – as Project Q was clearly a code name.

As posted on Twitter by Zuby_Tech (via The Verge), our first look at the handheld shows the user navigating through menus on the device before flipping it over to show off the rest of the body. The menus are super basic, clearly not what we see in the final build, though the fact that it appeared to be running Android gave us a few hints as to what it might be.

Sony Project Q then showed up at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, though it barely gave us any info. That is until Sony announced that Project Q was, in fact, the PlayStation Portal – a device designed for game streaming via your PS5 console. It may not make it onto our list of the best portable gaming consoles, but it’s certainly an interesting piece of kit.

The PlayStation Portal consists of a 1080p 60fps screen, a split DualSense controller, and Wi-Fi compatibility. You can check out the trailer above to see it in action.

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