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Blast off and collect cards as Space Leaper: Cocoon releases

The upcoming intergalactic RPG card collector from Damo Games is finally here, so let's celebrate the Space Leaper: Cocoon release date

Art for the Space Leaper Cocoon announcement showing an anthropomorphised creature with purple hair long down her back, pointy cat ears on the top of her head, and a pink, futuristic outfit on. She is holding a book in her hand. In the background a city lit in neon is clouded.

Space Leaper: Cocoon is a new space-bound card game that’s set to take the mobile gaming world by storm. During its pre-registration campaign on the App Store and Google Play, more than one million of you put your names forward for this far-flung future with pixel art and a furry cast of characters.

Now that the Space Leaper: Cocoon release date has landed, it’s only right to take a look at what you can expect from the game. The title allows you to “travel across the galaxy and take control of the Leapers, a group of colourful, anthropomorphic creatures born from cosmic radiation, who serve the Cocoon organization and its mission.” Certainly sounds you’re in for a fun time, right?

As always with this sort of thing, there’s a collection mechanic, with “a multitude of unique Leapers to strengthen the team and form new strategies.” As for the story itself, Space Leaper: Cocoon takes place in the distant future after a cosmic explosion wreeaks havoc, leading society to collapse.

What is the Space Leaper: Cocoon release date?

Space Leaper: Cocoon is out now! So make sure you get out there, and experience what looks to be a unique adventure.

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