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All the Splatoon 3 bosses and how to defeat them

Splatoon 3 bosses may not be the reason you come to the ink-filled town of Splatsville, but they do stand between you and the rest of the singleplayer

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing a large manta ray stood behind two characters with masks covering their faces.

With the release of Splatoon 3, Nintendo proved that it can stand up to the big dogs like Overwatch with a competitive multiplayer experience that not only fits the Nintendo Switch perfectly but can also be a seriously engaging single-player game. So, if you need a break from the mayhem of multiplayer, head down to Alterna.

Most of Alterna is covered in muck, below which are pipes you can zip down to complete a little, self-contained level. However, there are five Splatoon 3 bosses dotted around the single-player mode, Return of the Mammalians, ready to ruin your day if you’re not prepared for them.

So, we’ve covered all the Splatoon 3 bosses, where to find them, and the best way to defeat them. Some are harder than others, while some are just outright infuriating, so this guide is here to make the journey to completion a tad easier. For more once you’re done, check out our Splatoon 3 review to see our thoughts, a Splatoon 3 soundtrack to read about the tunes, or our Splatoon 3 weapons guide and tier list to choose the best one for the job.

Splatoon 3 bosses

There are five bosses in Splatoon 3’s single-player mode, as listed below.

Yes, they all seem really funny and cute with their silly titles, but some of you might find taking them down no laughing matter. So how do you defeat them?

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing the player character - a squid-like human-shaped thing with yellow tied up hair wearing a yellow outfit and looking a tad confused.

DJ Octavio (Octobot King)

To take on DJ Octavio, all you need to do is complete every level in the introductory area, the Cuttle. You have to do this to progress in the first place, so it’s an inevitability, assuming you want to continue playing the game.

DJ Octavio fires his mech suit’s hands at you, inking the turf in the process. At first, this is easy – just avoid the hands while shooting them with ink. firing enough ink at the hands launches them back at the disk jockey, eventually forcing him out of the mech for an easy splat.

Further into the boss battle, however, DJ Octavio makes use of an ink vac, hoovering up any ink you try and shoot. When this happens, press R to throw your little buddy towards him, who then blocks up this vacuum, returning everything to normal.

From here, just continue to ink his metal hands, block up his vacuum, and splat him when he flies out of the mech suit. Once completed, you can head into the real single-player section by falling a long way down into Alterna. Good luck!

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing a large manta ray stood behind two characters with masks covering their faces.


You unlock the next three bosses by heading to the signals on each of Alterna’s islands. To take them on, you need to complete various levels, collect power eggs, clean up the islands, and head towards the signal.

Frye can be a little finicky, as she sends eels out from a large cube she sits atop. Whatever form these eels take, there’s only one aim: splat ‘em. Sometimes they launch into the ground, swirl around the floor, or float to the side. Just aim and shoot.

When you’ve splatted enough, she’ll stop. This is your chance to ink the wall of the cube, swim up it, and splat Frye. Repeat this three times and you’re victorious and can get back to exploring the underground world of Alterna.

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing showing a black-and-white map, made up of six islands around a central structure with a rocket it on it.


Shiver circles the arena atop her shark, firing ink at you and occasionally launching herself into the arena. It’s best to pick a time where she’s not shooting or moving too much, but the main aim is to deal damage to her and the shark.

Once enough damage has been dealt, she ends up stuck in the middle of the ring. Deal a bunch of damage and the cycle starts again. Do this three times, but also be sure to stay swift-footed – she can splat you more easily than you think.

Shiver and Big Man from Splatoon 3. Shiver is a squid-like character with a blue outfit, bowing with a hand-fan in her hand. Big man is a large manta ray, silly grin on his cartoon face.


Big Man sinks into the ring and floats beneath it, making it one of the stranger boss battles. You need to find his manta ray outline and shoot it, which then causes it to split into smaller manta rays. Keep splatting until Big Man flops out of the ground and is vulnerable. Then get shooting.

In the last phase of the three, the ground changes so it’s no longer flat, and Big Man starts shooting projectiles at you. This can be quite tough, so make sure you’ve got enough ink on the ground to make a swift escape from an incoming bomb.

The rules remain the same, however, so once you’ve splatted and split this sea creature enough, he becomes vulnerable. You can do it, just stay on your toes.

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing three characters, Callie, Marie, and Agent 2. They are squid-like human-shaped people. The two on either side are stood up, one wearing black with black hair, the other wearing white with white hair and a white parasol. The one in the middle has a captain's hat on, long squidgy tentacle-hair, and is doing a peace sign with her fingers.


To take on Mr. Grizz, you need to get to the end of the game by defeating Big Man. Just keep following the story and you’ll get to this big fella eventually. Defeating him, however, is no easy task.

Atop a giant rocket, Mr. Grizz will launch projectiles and also has a few octotroopers to spoil your day. Move towards Mr. Grizz while collecting golden eggs and taking down these fishy soldiers. When close enough, press R to fire your little buddy with the golden eggs you’ve collected. Aim for the strange bulbous, colourful balls – just like when clearing the map of Alterna.

As you continue, things get a tad harder, of course. The rules stay the same, but one thing to watch out for is when Mr. Grizz starts to roll the rocket. Be sure to swim in the opposite direction to the rotation, otherwise you fall into the abyss of space and have to start again.

Once you’ve done this three times, it’s still not over. This big bear is a mean mother. DJ Octavio is on hand to help, giving you control of his vacuuming ship. Steer through the obstacles, hop out to take down the enemies that pop up, and head towards Grizz.

When you get to Grizz, suck up one of his bulbous bits. This can take some time, and other elements can get in the way of your hoovering, so be persistent. Once you’ve done this three times, I hope you’re ready for a real show – the ending is beautiful.

Side note: if you want, lose in this final section of the Mr. Grizz boss battle to see a little cutscene exploring what would happen if he got his way. It’s great fun.

Anyway, that’s all you need to take down these Splatoon 3 bosses. For more, check out our Splatoon 3 gear, Splatoon 3 Salmon Run, and Splatoon 3 hairstyles guides.