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Squidtastic new Splatoon 3 screenshots appear on the Japanese website

We’ve spotted some ink-redible new Splatoon 3 screenshots on the Japanese website, check out some new outfits, enemies, and even a special new attack

Splatoon 3 screenshots: Characters from Splatoon look over a cityscape at night, carry a large yellow gun, and look ready for combat

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new Splatoon 3 screenshots, but a glance at the recently launched Japanese Splatoon 3 website has today unveiled some brand new screens and some new details on the upcoming splat-filled shooter. We’re still waiting for a Splatoon 3 release date, so hopefully, this is a sign that a new trailer and release date are both on the way.

So, what’s revealed in these Splatoon 3 screenshots? Well, the colourful new images do cover a lot of the information we already had from previous trailers, but eagle-eyed fans may be able to spot some new outfits and some hints towards new abilities. There’s also a shot that shows an inkling looking out over a reflected skyline, which is a great shot that we hope is a glimpse at the sequel’s expanded storyline.

We still don’t know a whole lot about Splatoon 3 outside of the new post-apocalypse theme for the story mode and the brief glimpses at new weapons, abilities, and outfits that Nintendo has shown in the trailers so far. Fingers crossed a new trailer isn’t far behind, and with a bit of luck, we’d love to be playing Splatoon 3 later this summer.

If you want to get yourself caught up, check out the latest “Return of the Mammalians” Splatoon 3 trailer that gives us a glimpse at the latest additions.

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