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Splatoon 3’s next update shows song titles at the beginning of a match

Splatoon 3’s song titles can be a little hard to find, but a small change to the upcoming Chill Season update is set to make musicologists’ lives a tad easier

Splatoon 3 song titles: a Splatoon character in a green scrum hat (like, for rugby), holds a massive paint roller and splats green ink on the ground in a large, closed in space with tall wooden buildings behind.

Splatoon 3’s soundtrack is a central part of the game – I mean, that game is all about strange sea creatures that sing, for goodness sake – but for some reason not all songs are that easy to name. But the new Splatoon 3 update ushers in Chill Season, and with it a small change that’ll be music to the ears of any Splatune fan.

Now, when you jump into a game, the Splatoon 3 song title will be shown at the beginning, in the bottom right corner. As shared in a tweet from Splatoon North America, this update tells you the name of the song and the artist playing during the match. Considering some tunes are still unnamed, this is a great help for the music obsessives in the fanbase.

Here’s what the tweet said: “Ahem! Musicology here, if we can get a word in edgewise. We’re happy to announce that once Chill Season starts, you’ll see the title and artist info for music that plays during battles! It’ll be easier than ever to support your favorite artists…and show off for your friends.”

Splatoon 3 song titles

With the latest Splatoon 3 update, you can see the new name and artist for the song playing during a battle. In the tweet shared, this seems to only apply to multiplayer, so any Splatoon 3 Salmon Run or story mode secret tunes may require a bit more sleuthing. Check out the Chill Season trailer below.

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