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Stardew Valley “Festival of Seasons” concert series tours in 2024

A Stardew Valley concert series is on the way, as creator ConcernedApe confirms a full orchestra is ready to play your favorite chill tunes very soon.

Stardew Valley concert series: live images of an orchestra are interlaced with screenshots from Stardew Valley, as several players ride horses through the snow

Stardew Valley is a phenomenon, a gorgeous game that gives chill vibes to thousands of players and lets us all curate the tiny pixelated farm of our dreams. A huge part of its charm is also the incredible soundtrack, and it’s clear the creator knows this, as Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone has announced a Stardew Valley concert series. Yup, a chamber orchestra is ready to play these amazing songs.

The comforting horticultural title Stardew Valley is a firm favorite in our guide to the best Switch simulation games, and with over a million downloads across different platforms, it seems the world agrees. Eager fans can see the Stardew Valley Festival of Seasons concert series in cities across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. There are dates for those of you in South Korea and Thailand, too.

The dates aren’t until 2024, with the tour kicking off in Los Angeles on February 17, before a London date on April 29. The Stardew Valley website comments that information on Seoul and Bangkok dates should arrive soon. Frankly, we expect these tickets to disappear really quickly, so if you’re a huge Stardew Valley fan, we recommend getting ready with your money the second the tickets go on sale. Good luck!

When do Stardew Valley concert series tickets go on sale?

If you want to try and grab tickets to the Stardew Valley concert series, the tickets go on sale at the Stardew Valley concert website from 10:00 local time on October 10, 2023, for US, Canada, and UK dates. Melbourne and Sydney tickets go on sale at 11:00 local time on October 10, 2023 as well. For Seoul and Bangkok, the Stardew Valley concert website comments that information on tickets should arrive soon.

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That’s all the information we have on the exciting Stardew Valley concert series, for now, folks! However, if this news has you itching to head back to your farm, be sure to check out our huge Stardew Valley fish guide so you can earn some extra cash.