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Bash some zombies in the State of Survival Easter Emergency event

The State of Survival Easter Emergency event is here, and those pesky zombies aren't just eating brains, but all your lovely chocolate Easter eggs too

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It’s a State of Survival Easter Emergency, and not in the way you might think – this has nothing to do with chocolate eggs. Instead, those walking corpses out there are in the festive spirit, and it’s a safety hazard for all you survivors out there. So you best hop on it and protect your settlement.

The State of Survival Easter Emergency promises to be a fun experience, as there’s plenty of content that takes inspiration from the holiday – who would have thought Easter and corpses could go so well together? During the celebration, you can take part in a number of events, such as Hand-Painted Easter Eggs.

During this event, you can obtain paint through the use of speedups and biocaps, bashing some zombies, gathering supplies, or exploration. If you get enough, you can purchase the Lucy Easter Egg Bundle, which is full of festive goodies for you to enjoy. As for the second event, Luminous Blessings, those pesky brain-eaters have stolen your Easter Eggs – the audacity! Luckily, you get some tasty rewards if you find and collect the missing eggs.

When does the State of Survival Easter Emergency event begin?

The State of Survival Easter Emergency celebration begins today, but we don’t know when the event comes to an end.

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