State of Survival turns three as the mobile game hits 150mn downloads

State of Survival's third anniversary is here, just in time for the game to celebrate 150 million downloads with some in-game events

State of Survival third anniversary; A group of State of Survival troops fighting

Time sure does fly, huh? State of Survival just hit its third birthday, an impressive feat that happens to coincide with a huge milestone as the game crosses the 150 million installs mark. Naturally, this is a huge cause for celebration, so all you survivors out there had best prepare yourselves for some incoming content.

As part of the State of Survival third anniversary celebrations, you can get your hands on in-game goodies such as frame avatars, a new episode of the Meet the Survivors series, and a log-in event that’s full of useful items to help you fight the hordes and survive to see another day. Who knows, you might even get your hands on a new hero or two.

“We’re incredibly proud of State of Survival’s performance and our growing community over these successful three years,” FunPlus chief business officer Chris Petrovic says. “This 150 million downloads milestone reinforces State of Survival as one of the great franchises of the strategy genre.”

When is the State of Survival anniversary event?

The in-game activities are due to begin soon, so you can expect even more news about what exactly it is that you can get.

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