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Stellaris: Galaxy Command guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Get all the tips and tricks you need to succeed in Galaxy Command

Stellaris is a complicated game, and the same is true for its mobile counterpart, Stellaris: Galaxy Command. In the game you play as human colonists trying to re-establish their presence in a galaxy ravaged by war. As such, resources play a huge part in the game, as does the management of your own space station. There are also tonnes of other features that strategy players might recognise from the original Stellaris – such as ship combat, building upkeep, exploration, and governance.

These are all important elements of the game, but when stacked together, they can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to give you some Stellaris: Galaxy Command tips and tricks, while also answering your burning questions about the game.

Though we may not have scored it very highly in our Stellaris: Galaxy Command review, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our very best to help you play the game. As we mentioned, there’s plenty for a Stellaris player to like in Galaxy Command, so let us help you get started.

everything in our Stellaris: Galaxy Command guide:

Stellaris galaxy command uk: where is galaxy command available?

Though the Stellaris Galaxy Command beta back in February was restricted to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden, the game has launched fully now. This means that Stellaris: Galaxy Command in the UK is available on both Google Play and the App Store, and all other regions.


Flagships are the unique ships that your leaders have, and, as such, are pretty powerful. Here’s how you get Stellaris: Galaxy Command Flagship upgrades:

  • Flagships don’t require XP items to upgrade, unlike your leaders
  • You can upgrade a Flagship by leveling up its corresponding leader, unlocking skills which can effect it
  • You can also install Flagship components to change the way the ship works

stellaris galaxy command flagship parts: where to find them

It’s tough to find flagship parts in Stellaris Galaxy Command, so here are the best ways to get them:

  • Hunting pirates for boxes is a good way of getting flagship parts or basic organic matter
  • Rewards from missions are also a good way to get these matierials

Stellaris galaxy command apk: how to download it

Now that the game is available to everyone, there are a lot of people who want to download the Stellaris Galaxy Command APK. Here’s how you can get it:

  • You can find the Stellaris Galaxy Command APK on APK Pure. Simply download and install it on your device.

stellaris galaxy command discord: how to get updates

A Stellaris: Galaxy Command Discord would be a fantastic way of getting updates about the game, but unfortunately there isn’t one currently.

Stellaris Galaxy command: HOW TO get MINERALS

Minerals play a big part in the original Stellaris, and they are also important in Galaxy Command, being used to upgrade most buildings on your space station. Here are some tips on how to get minerals in Stellaris: Galaxy Command:

  • Mining Outposts: this building is available from early on in the game, and produces minerals, so be sure to make plenty, and upgrade them
  • Storage: just as in the original game, it’s very easy to run out of mineral storage, but building warehouses ensures that you always have space for when you need it
  • Upkeep: mining outposts have a large energy credit upkeep amount, so be sure to keep an eye on your energy credits when building them

stellaris galaxy command titanium: how to use it

There’s an absolute tonne of resources in Stellaris: Galaxy Command, but one of the most important is Titanium. Here’s how to use it:

  • Titanium is used to create Higg’s Gold
  • Higg’s Gold is important after your nexus gets to level 13, as it’s required to build battleships, and also has a high trade value
  • The best way to get Titanium in Galaxy Command is by trading for it

stellaris Galaxy command mercenary: how to get them

Sometimes you need a little help in a fight, and Stellaris: Galaxy Command’s mercenary forces can provide that help. Here’s how to get them:

  • Mercenaries are a fleet which is gifted to players at the start of each season
  • Each mercenary fleet has a hero, a flagship, and some other ships
  • You can enlist these mercenaries permanently by upgrading your battle pass to level 20

stellaris galaxy command reddit: where to join

Having a community in a game is fun, and can help answer all sorts of questions and issues your having. There is a Stellaris Galaxy Command reddit, though it is quite small, but here’s how to join it:

stellaris galaxy command halo: what happened

Stellaris: Galaxy Command soft launched back in 2019, but this led to a controversy in which it turned out that the game’s developer had used art assets from Halo in the game. Paradox apologised and withdrew the Galaxy Command, completely overhauling a good deal of it. The new version of the game received a beta in February, and launched recently.

Stellaris galaxy command gas: how to get gel

Gas and Gel are two different resources, but both are important in their own way. Here’s how to get gel and gas in Stellaris Galaxy Command:

  • Gas and Gel are both produced after your station reaches level 10, depending on what system you are in
  • This material is vital for crafting Volatile Motes
  • Both Gas and Gel have the same market value, so you can always sell what you don’t need


Battleships are an important part of any fleet, and can help you see off any pesky enemies who choose to take you on. To get battleships in Stellaris: Galaxy Command you just have to level up your station nexus to level 16.

how to play stellaris: galaxy command

There are a lot of elements to consider when playing Stellaris: Galaxy Command, but here are the central things you need to know to play the game:

  • Upgrade: by upgrading your buildings, you can increase the resources they produce, and can eventually upgrade the nexus of your station, which unlocks more buildings and ships
  • Explore: by sending your ships to other systems you can fight pirates, explore planets, and complete missions, all for a variety of rewards. You can also move your station if you wish
  • Trade: Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a resource heavy game, and trading those resources can give you some worthwhile benefits, such as energy credits. Set up auto-trades to automatically trade with the nearest NPC trader
  • Alliance: it’s always nice to have friends, and Stellaris: Galaxy Command is no different. You can join or create an Alliance in the game to get free Galactic Common Credits, special items, and a little help in battle. You can also earn buffs based upon the number of player systems belonging to your Alliance
  • Ethics: these little choices are important, changing what your faction is in terms of ideology, while also granting some positive effects, such as increased tax, or an increase in the experience your leader gains from using XP items
  • Leaders: these Commanders, Officials, and Scientists are assigned to various areas of the game, whether in governing roles or as fleet admirals, providing benefits based upon the skills they have. You can upgrade leaders using XP items, which are obtained by completing missions, events, and defeating pirates. Each hero also gets a flagship
  • Fleets: your ships are an important part of the game, and hunt down pirates for scrap and useful items, Use the pirate scanner to find pirates to hunt. You can also increase your fleet size by upgrading your space station


Getting started in the game is a little hard at first, so here are some Stellaris: Galaxy Command tips and tricks to help you get going:

  • Save your speed-ups: the game encourages you to use your speed-ups early on, presumably because it wants you to buy more, but it’s worth saving them for when you actually need them. You are developing your station early on, and you need time to do that, so rushing holds little value
  • Be careful who you attack: if you don’t want to risk losing valuable ships or resources, only attack other ships when you are certain of victory. This means always checking that your fleet power level is significantly above theirs
  • Mothball your ships: when you aren’t using ships you should mothball them, putting them into storage on your station. This eliminates their upkeep and maintenance cost
  • Repair your ships: to keep them in fighting shape, be sure to repair your ships whenever they need it by bringing them back to your station
  • Build balanced infrastructure: like any good resource management game, it’s important to upgrade in a balanced way in Stellaris: Galaxy Command, making sure your upkeep isn’t way higher than your production. You want to produce resources on a relatively even basis, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when upgrading

Those are the main points! We hope you have fun in Stellaris: Galaxy Command, and that these tips and tricks help you find success in the game.