Mobile game Stuffo the Puzzle Bot stuffs itself onto iOS soon

A chill puzzle game with a focus on vibes, Stuffo is getting ready to stack blocks on mobile soon. So let’s dive into the Stuffo the Puzzle Bot release date

Stuffo the Puzzle Robot release date: a pixelated scene shows a small robot surrounded by blocks

We all love huge games with grand stories, but sometimes you just want to chill and do some silly little tasks. If you’re looking for a fun way to relax on mobile, then the upcoming Stuffo the Puzzle Bot could be the perfect title. From developer Hapatus Ltd, it’s a cosy game with over 60 “mind-bending puzzles”, plus we don’t have long to wait for the Stuffo the Puzzle Bot release date.

Hapatus Ltd is developer Antti Tiihonen, one of the people responsible for the addictive dungeon-crawling RPG title Legends of Grimrock. Stuffo looks like quite a departure, but the sci-fi puzzle game promises “A laid-back experience that challenges your brain, not your reflexes”, as well as “deep downtempo beats” to help you relax.

The futuristic pixel puzzler also promises absolutely no story, so this is one title all about the gameplay and just moving your little blocks around. If it’s anywhere near as charming as the images look, we could be in for a treat. Stuffo the Puzzle Bot is releasing on iOS and Mac on March 2, 2023, for $4.99 (no UK price is currently available), and there’s a 20% discount if you purchase it during the launch week.

When is the Stuffo the Puzzle Bot release date?

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot is releasing on iOS and Mac on March 2, 2023.

Is there a Stuffo the Puzzle Bot trailer?

Yes, you can get a peak at the robotic puzzler with the Stuffo the Puzzle Bot trailer below.

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