Subnautica: Below Zero diamond location – the best place to search

A handy guide to help you find the Subnautica: Below Zero diamond location

A woman swimming through the ocean

Subnautica: Below Zero is a survival action-adventure game that tasks you with controlling a scientist as they search huge environments for clues about a missing research team. To succeed, you must collect resources, construct tools, build bases, and even interact with unique wildlife.

Some resources are more difficult to find than others, so you may need a little extra help. With our Subnautica: Below Zero diamond location guide, you will be able to easily locate the deposits necessary to find diamonds, and we’ll also give you a couple of tips on the best place to grab them early on.

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What are the Subnautica: Below Zero diamond locations?

You can find diamonds in the following biomes:

  • Arctic Spires
  • Crystal Caves
  • Deep Twisty Bridges
  • Delta Island
  • East Arctic
  • Glacial Basin
  • Koppa Mining Site
  • Thermal Spires
  • Thermal Spires Caves
  • Tree Spires
  • West Arctic

What’s the best Subnautica: Below Zero diamond location?

If you’re new to Subnautica: Below Zero and need to find some diamonds fast, we recommend heading over to the Deep Twisty Bridges, which can be found next to the starting biome. Use your truck for air supply, or build pipes to get below 200m, and find a large number of diamonds. It’s worth noting that there are aggressive creatures lurking in the deep, so be careful!

You can also mine about three or four diamonds near the half-open door that leads into Koppa Mines. If you’re lucky, you can even receive diamonds from sea monkeys.

That’s everything you need to know about the Subnautica: Below Zero diamond location!