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Summon Quest apparates onto Apple Arcade this month

A new game is set to magic its way onto Apple Arcade this month in the form of Summon Quest, a magical adventure across a world of monsters.

Screenshot of Summon Quest boss for Summon Quest Apple Arcade news

forward to Summon Quest, an exciting action RPG set in a world of magic. With dungeons to clear, spells to learn, and monsters to mash, this quest is a great addition to Apple’s gaming platform from developers Team17 and Topica Studios.

With gameplay that looks like a cross between old-school Zelda and Hades, Summon Quest sets you off on an adventure to take on rift monsters, with sixty levels of magic and melee mayhem to clear throughout the game. Still, it’s not just all on you, with plenty of summonable companions to help you clear the unwanted visitors to the spellbinding planet.

Much like the games Summon Quest takes inspiration from, bosses are a big deal here. On your quest to free each region from the influence of the rift monsters, you need to take down some seriously challenging boss threats. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room for creativity with your playstyle in this title, with countless spells and companions to depend on in the heat of battle.

If all this sounds like a fun time for you, then you have just a couple of weeks until the Summon Quest Apple Arcade release date on April 21. If you want a glimpse of the magical action that awaits, check out the trailer below.

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With that, you’re up to date on the news that Summon Quest is coming to Apple Arcade. For more titles free for subscribers, be sure to check out our picks of the best Apple Arcade games.