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Super Smash Bros Sephiroth Amiibo looks worth its weight in gil

With a Super Smash Bros Sephiroth Amiibo arriving in 2023, there’s plenty for fantasy science-fiction fans to look forward to in the new year

Screenshot of Sephiroth on a Smash Bros background for Sephiroth Amiibo news

There might not be any new characters coming to Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch, but there are new ways to enhance the ones you already have, with a Super Smash Bros Sephiroth Amiibo arriving alongside some other currently unrepresented characters. So if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, or Tekken, you’re going to want to listen up.

The dark star of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth, is set to land on January 13, 2022, alongside Kazuya, the spiky-haired Tekken titan in Amiibo form. While we’re sure Kazuya will turn some heads, we’re even more sure that unless Nintendo produces a massive quantity of tiny terrors, then Sephiroth will more than likely join the ranks of super expensive second-hand Amiibo. What we’re trying to say is that, if you’re an FFVII obsessive like some of the PT team, a pre-order wouldn’t go amiss.

Later in 2023, you can expect to see Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters Pyra and Mythra, bringing even more of the sci-fi fantasy vibes the series is associated with. We don’t have any idea of what a release date for this pair might be yet, but we’ll be sure to update this page when we have any fresh information.

It’s some smart marketing from Nintendo to push the Sephiroth Amiibo right now, with the iconic antagonist back in the public eye with FFVII: Crisis Core Reunion having just arrived on most platforms. If you want to know what we made of the rerun of Zack Fair’s classic saga, check out our Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion review.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Sephiroth Amiibo coming to Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch. For more fabulous figurines, check out our guide to Mario figures and Sonic figures.