Mobile game Talking Tom Time Rush is the chatty cat’s endless runner

Get started with Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration, and jump back in with the mobile game feline for another round, in endless runner action from Outfit7

Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration: a cat in a purple jacket and green trousers flies through the air with a grin on its face with blue sky above, an aqueduct far off in the distance to the left, a pirate type goat below that, and two other furry friends by a beach house to the right.

While you may remember Talking Tom as your virtual friend to hang out with, mobile game company Outfit7 has announced a brand new twist on the fancy feline. With Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration you can get ready to jump into an endless runner, “the latest addition to the Talking Tom & Friends mobile gaming universe.”

Nope, I didn’t know there was a Talking Tom & Friends mobile gaming universe until today, either. But maybe that’s just me, because, as my editor said, “kids love him”. Also, as Outfit7 told me, “the Talking Tom franchise was recently identified as the number 1 mobile game IP of the last decade following a study by, resulting in over 10 billion downloads.” That’s a lotta downloads.

You can hop on pre-registration for Talking Tom Time Rush right now if you’re excited about the promised “mysterious side paths, dynamic visuals, engaging customization, and a whole new universe of fun for players to explore.” With a journey where you “travel from one vibrant and wild world to another as they chase The Rakoonz across the universe to get back their stolen treasure”, it sure sounds like a wild ride.

Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration

You can sign up to Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration right now on Google Play and the App Gallery, or check out the trailer below.

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There you have it, Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration. If you love felines, care for a foray into our cat games guide for some of the best?