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Best cat games in 2024

Our list of the best cat games on mobile and Switch has something for everyone, from pawsome puzzlers to whiskered warriors, and even the best games for cats.

Three cats from different cat games, including Piffle, Cat Quest 2, and Cat Cafe Manager

Straighten your whiskers and get those toe-beans in check, as our list of the best cat games on Switch and mobile has a great selection for smitten kittens of all kinds. Whether you’re feline adventurous or looking for something to relax with on a lazy afternoon, there’s a cat game for you.

We’ve even got a paw-picked selection of games for cats to keep your furry friend entertained, too – approved by our resident ex-purrt, Xiao. For more personal petting zoo experiences, be sure to check out our list of the best animal games or the best bear games, as well as the best games like Stardew Valley on Switch and mobile.

Here’s our list of the best cat games on Switch and mobile:

A screenshot from one of the best cat games, Mineko's Night Market, showing Mineko stnading next to a bridge and a zen garden

Minkeo’s Night Market

Nintendo Switch

Mineko’s Night Market describes itself as a narrative-driven, social simulation adventure that celebrates Japanese culture. It follows a young girl called Mineko, who moves to a small island with her dad. However, there are strange goings on happening on this island – and she soon finds herself in the middle of it all.

It’s an extremely laid back experience with a simply gameplay loop and wonderfully chill vibes. Whether you’re gathering resources, crafting items, and giving gifts to pals, or sneaking around to free cats from cages as you uncover the secrets of the island, it’s a great time for any fan of cozy games. Plus, there are heaps of kitties that roam around the island and follow you about – and, yes, you can pet them as much as you want! To find out more, be sure to check out our Mineko’s Night Market review.

Cat Cafe Manager cover artPlay Now

Cat Cafe Manager

Nintendo Switch

Cat Cafe Manager looks quaint, but you’ll be surprised at how deep this tabby-cat tycoon title goes. Having inherited your grandma’s cat cafe in the sleepy village of Caterwaul, it’s your job to rescue some kitties, pour some cappuccinos, and restore the establishment to its former heights. As to be expected, there are secrets lurking in Caterwaul, but if you’d just prefer a nice time making a mocha among your moggie mates, then you can do that too. 

If you’re still to be convinced, why not check out our Cat Cafe Manager review to see how we got on serving coffees in Caterwaul. 

Key art for Cat Game

Cat Game

Android / iOS

Is the only thing stopping you from having a house full of cats your landlord? Well, don’t give up on your dreams of kitty collecting just yet, as Cat Game can deliver your dream of a house full of felines to the palm of your hand. In this casual cat collector, you build up a cat tower teeming with tabbies, shorthairs, and lil’ munchkins, all of which you can feed, play with, and even style thanks to Cat Game’s countless customisation options. 

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Cat Quest II

Nintendo Switch

Probably the only game on this list where your fine feline is equipped with a sword, Cat Quest 2 is one for those who want to put the theory of nine lives to the test in combat. With more missions than the original Cat Quest, a new canine companion to accompany you on your quest across Felingard and function as a second-player character, and even more cat-puns than this article, it’s an epic quest worth taking for any whisker-loving warriors. 

Cats and Soup cover art, one of the idle cat games on mobile

Cats & Soup

Android / iOS

Cats! Soup! Yes! Cats & Soup is a sweet little mobile title that combines two of our favourite comforts for an idle game with charming designs by the spoonful. The aim of the game is pretty simple, collect cats, get those cats to make soup, and enjoy some tasty soup, but things get a little trickier when more and more shorthair chefs arrive ready to blend some veggies. This one is worth playing for the visuals alone, with an assortment of wonderfully illustrated kittens all waiting for you to sip on their delicious soup. 

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Nintendo Switch

Cattails is essentially Stardew Valley with cats, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You play as a feral cat, new to this particular cat community, and it’s up to you how you mark your territory. Whether you want to prove yourself as the feistiest feline in town with cat battles, or if you just want to settle down with a nice siamese and raise some kittens, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in this enigmatic RPG experience.

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Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure

Android / iOS / Nintendo Switch

If you need a new puzzle to put your little paws to work, Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure is a vibrant match-3 style title with more than a whisker of whimsy. There are hundreds of levels, countless species of cats and kittens, and some deceptively tricky puzzling to keep you on your toes.  Also, the cats wear sunglasses, and I personally think that should be enough to warrant your attention. 


Nintendo Switch

Fall into a beautifully dreamy, ethereal world with Calico, a wholesome, laid-back sim game populated with hundreds of fluffy friends. Your mission is to rebuild to town’s cat cafe and fill it with cute and cuddle creatures, including bears, foxes, puppies, and, of course, cats! Decorate, bake cakes, ride giant cats, and pet plenty of purrfect pals in this pastel paradise.

YouTube Thumbnail

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

Nintendo Switch

As any cat owner will know, kitties appear to have a taste for destruction. No matter how cute and fluffy they may seem, there’s something inside them that just wants to watch the world burn. In Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered, you can take the role of a cat filled with furry fury, as you knock plants of shelves, break plates, scratch up curtains, and show your virtual owner who’s boss.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Apple Arcade

This one doesn’t just feature one of the most iconic kitties in the world – Hello Kitty Island Adventure features a whole host of cutie-patooties for you to befriend. In this adorable life sim, you find yourself stranded on an island paradise alongside all your favorite Sanrio characters, and your main duties are to explore, craft items, catch critters, and, most importantly, build friendships.

If this sounds like your dream getaway, be sure to check out our Hello Kitty Island Adventure review and our Hello Kitty Island Adventure interview. We’ve also got a guide to all the Hello Kitty Island critters that you can catch.

A screenshot from one of the best cat games, Cat and Ghostly Road, showing the cat and the painter in front of their shack

Cat and Ghostly Road

Nintendo Switch

Cat and Ghostly Road is a truly unique little point and click adventure, that sees you take to the dainty paws of a very brave kitty. One snowwy night, the cat finds itself caught out in a storm, and a kindly painter comes to save him. However, shortly after, a demon comes and steals the painter’s soul, leaving him gravely ill. Now it’s up to the cat to return the favor and save his human friend by going on a dangerous journey through the world of ghosts and demons.

It’s short, sweet, and simple, but also very beautiful, with plenty of show-stopping scenes, fascinating hints of mythology, and some quaint little puzzles for you to solve. Plus, it’s also pretty affordable. If you want to find out more, be sure to check out our mini Cat and Ghostly Road review.

Cat games for cats: Xiao the cat looking up

Best cat games for cats

Okay, so now that we’ve entertained the humans with a bunch of cute cat games, it’s time to take a look at the best games for cats, so you can keep your real-life furry friends entertained, too. All of these interactive cat game apps are the purr-fect to keep your fuzzy little meow-sters busy, whether you’re working, playing your own games, or sat there tapping away at the virtual fishies right alongside them.

The games below are approved by our resident ex-purr-t, Tilly’s kitty Xiao (seen in the picture above).

YouTube Thumbnail

Cat Alone

Cat Alone does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s there to keep your cat entertained alone, no human interaction needed. Bursting with bustling bugs and crawling critters, it offers plenty of visual and audio stimulation for your pawesome pals, and due to its built-in lock feature, you can leave them to tap away to their heart’s content without worrying about them sending a text to your boss.

YouTube Thumbnail


Cat-Bat gives your kitty-cat the opportunity to bitty-bat their zoomies away, chasing creepy crawlies, mice, turtles, and even planets. Whether they’re squashing bugs or chasing stars, your feline friend is sure to find hours of fun in this little gem.

Cat Toy game for cats

Cat Toy – Games for Cats

Cat Toy is like an Inspector Gadget tool for cats, featuring ten fun toys for your furbaby to interact with. Its got dragonflies, frogs (that look suspiciously like aliens), balls, lasers, and even a finger for optimal virtual booping. You can even adjust the speed of the toys to suit your kitty’s purr-eferences!

There you have it! Our picks for the best cat games on Switch and mobile. For more exciting adventures, take a browse through our list of the best exploration games on Switch and mobile.