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Tatakai Reborn codes - V.2 Trainers update!

Dive into this epic Roblox fighting game with extra power to your punch with the help of this list of the latest Tatakai Reborn codes

Tatakai Reborn character fighting

September 5, 2022: We added new Tatakai Reborn codes to our list!

Train to be the best in the epic Roblox fighting game Tatakai Reborn! Inspired by anime like Baki and HunterXHunter, you can explore the city to visit the gym, dojo, and even grab yourself some tasty ramen. Learn moves and fighting styles so you can squat, lift, and hit your way to being the strongest fighter in town. And we’re here to help you! Check out these codes to see what freebies you can grab on your way to the top.

With a variety of fighting styles to choose from, including classics like karate, sumo, and taekwondo, in addition to normal training, you can use spins to learn awesome new moves. That’s why we have collected this list of Tatakai Reborn codes to help you get spinning and kicking your way through the competition. But if you don’t get the moves you were hoping for, don’t worry – you can reroll by simply typing !reroll in the in-game chat. We will keep updating this guide regularly, so if you’re a Tatakai Reborn master, keep checking back in to see what you can snag!

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Tatakai Reborn Codes

Active codes:

  • !code BacktoSchool – 15 spins and 150 cash (new!)
  • !code MiniUpdate! – ten spins and 150 cash (new!)
  • !code FixedYuh – free spins and cash
  • !code Sub2Data – free spins and cash
  • !code UPDATE_OUT – ten spins and 150 cash
  • !code lightfeaTher – five spins and 150 cash

Expired codes:

  • !code UPDATE1SOON
  • !code BackOpen!
  • !code TTKV2
  • !code UPDATE1SOON
  • !code LastShutDown
  • !code GetReady!
  • !code GODLY_OHMA
  • !code FullAdvanceSoon
  • !code Sub2ZenokeiForMoreCodes
  • !code Sub2DataForMoreCodes
  • !code UPDATE1SOON
  • !code VaneIsLame
  • !code SorryForShutdown
  • !code 20M
  • !code ttkraid
  • !code 14M
  • !code 12M
  • !code 10M
  • !code RankedMatches

Two Tatakai Reborn characters fighting and blocking

What are Tatakai Reborn codes?

Tatakai Reborn codes are free gifts given out by the developers, and are usually announced when the game reaches certain milestones such as likes and visitors. So make sure you like and favourite the game, as well as bookmarking this page, so you can keep track of the latest codes!

How do I redeem my Tatakai Reborn codes?

Redeeming codes in Tatakai Reborn is simple, but a little different to other Roblox games. Simply follow the steps below to grab your goodies.

  • Open the game
  • Go to the chat in the top-left corner
  • Type in the code exactly as you see above – including the word !code at the beginning
  • Press enter
  • Enjoy your spins!

If nothing happens, it is likely that the code has expired.

If you want to train with the best in Tatakai Reborn, you can download Roblox from the App Store or Google Play for free! But remember, your account needs to be at least 15 days old if you want to play this game.