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Memorial Day sales 2024: best mobile and Switch deals still going

The Memorial Day sales are now over, but fortunately, there are a number of retailers who are still offering some great Nintendo Switch and mobile phone deals.

Nintendo Switch accessory and a Google Pixel phone on a yellow memorial day background

The curtain may have closed on this year’s Memorial Day sales, but while most of the big sale events may have passed, there are still lots of good bargains to be found. If you’re worried you’ve missed your chance to bulk out your games library or upgrade your smartphone at a bargain price, let us reassure you.

Quite a lot of the Memorial Day sales pages are now redirecting to generic or summer-themed sales, which include a lot of the same deals as their predecessors. Whether you want something for your Switch, OLED, or Lite (whichever you think is the best Nintendo Switch), you’re after a bargain on the best portable gaming consoles, or just want one of the best gaming phones at a discount price, chances are, you’ll still be able to find something.

Best Memorial Day Sales

The following Memorial Day sales are either still running, or are now redirecting to a new deals page:

The retailers below never had a specific Memorial Day sale, but instead ran other seasonal sales which are still available:

Best Nintendo Switch Memorial Day  deals

Best Memorial Day mobile deals

If you want to find more bargains, take a look at our lists of the best cheap Switch games and the best budget smartphones. If you’re in luck, some of them will end up being included in the Memorial Day sales and become even cheaper.