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Temtem tier list - the best battlers for PVP

We pit the multiple Temtem of the Airborne Archipelago together to find out who comes out on top of a Temtem tier list, ready for use in competitive play.

Key art of a collection of Temtem running across the screen, including Drakash from our Temtem tier list

If you’re looking for the most capable monsters for online competitive play, our Temtem tier list has all the information you need. We’ve spent countless hours in this Pokémon-like doing our double-battle research, and now we’ve ranked the best of the best, so you can track them down and prove your own skills in the online arena.

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Temtem tier list

In this tier list, we’re looking at the monsters with the best stats, or unique movepools, that make them a threat in the competitive metagame. With frequent updates, the Temtem meta is constantly evolving, so keep an eye on this page for any changes to the rankings.

Tier Temtem
SS Golzy, Minothor, Tyranak, Volarend
S Osukai, Nagaise, Yowlar, Rhoulder, Tulcan, Tuvine, Cerneaf, Seismunch, Tortenite, Hedgine, Oceara
A Venx, Venmet, Wiplump, Saipat, Loali, Gyalis, Nidrasil, Shuine, Platimous, Akranox, Chimurian, Granpah, Mouflank, Kinu, Skunch
B Turoc, Tuwire, Mimit, Skunch, Mudrid, Myx, Barnshe, Saku, Scaravolt, Aohi, Mushook, Drakash
C Momo, Pigepic, Monkko, Zaobian, Valash, Adorobos, Garyo, Vental, Volgon 

Temtem tier list explained – the best monsters by type

As you can see from our Temtem tier list, there are a fair few monsters capable of helping you put together a competitive team. To make it even that bit easier for you, we’ve picked out a Temtem from each type to explain their ranking, and why it’s worth using them as you find your way through the early Temtem competitive meta.

Custom image of Oceara, the water Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Water Temtem – Oceara

With the highest special attack and joint second-highest speed across the entire Temtem roster, Oceara is unparalleled in its SS tier position. In other words, Oceara needs a nerf, but until then, you need to include this Temtem in your team and make sure you’ve got an electric or nature-type counter ready for facing your opponent’s own Oceara.

Custom image of Tyranak, the fire Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Fire: Tyranak

Tyranak’s spread of stats across the board and fire/nature-dual typing make it not only an attacking threat, but a nightmare to take out of the game. With a single weakness to toxic Temtem attacks and a wealth of attacking moves, Tyranak is a utility monster with teeth.

Custom image of Minothor, the electric Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Electric: Minothor

You should use Minothor just because it’s one of the coolest Temtem designs across the entire roster, but also because it packs one hell of a punch. With a solid spread of stats and attacks, Minothor is something of an all-rounder with a bit of extra zip. However, Minothor does suffer from a 4x weakness to crystal, so if you see the next entry in this list switch in, that’s your cue to switch out.

Custom image of Tulcan, the wind/crystal Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Crystal/Wind: Tuvine

There are multiple possible evolutions for the Tuwai you receive at the start of the game, but the crystal-type evolution Tuvine takes the birdfeed as both the best wind and crystal option for competitive battling. With insane defense stats, and the special move crystal plume gatling, your opponents will drive themselves silly trying to figure out how to shoot down this bird.

Custom image of Osukai, the melee/earth Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Earth/Melee: Osukai

If you need a potent physical attacker, Osukai is the pick of the bunch with the highest attack stats across all Temtem. Not only that, but its physical defense is pretty mighty too, you just have to keep an eye open for super-effective special-attackers as they’re likely to take Osukai out in one attack.

Custom image of Nagaise, the mental Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Mental: Nagaise

The most potent special-attacker of the fully evolved Temtem staters, Nagaise is helped by its mental/water hybrid typing that helps to provide super effective attacks to a wide range of other Temtem. It’s a little bit of a glass cannon when it comes to special defense and HP stats, but if you’re smart you can work around that with smart switch-ins.

Custom image of Cerneaf, the nature Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Nature: Cerneaf

The closest you will find to a tank in Temtem, Cerneaf doesn’t look like a Blissey equivalent, but it is. Loaded with helpful abilities to restore party health and buff teammates, Cerneaf also benefits from a single nature-typing that keeps it shielded from 4x special effective moves or a wide pool of bad-type matchups.

Custom image of Volarend, the toxic Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Toxic: Volarend

Just like Pokemon’s poison type, the toxic-type roster in Temtem is full of monsters who make it a nightmare to take them from the field of play. None more so than Volarend, the wind/toxic hybrid bird with one of the highest special defense stats in the game. This toxic tank lands higher than Akranox, Goolder, or even starter evolution Tortenite through its movepool at a high level, with some overpowered synergy effects possible through intelligent team composition.

Custom image of Yowlar, the neutral Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Neutral: Yowlar

Yowlar is a beast, as you will learn in your dojo quest, and you should train one up for your team as soon as possible. With enough bulk to make up for an awful speed stat, a lack of weaknesses besides mental Temtem, and potentially the best offensive movepool of any neutral-type in the game, Yowlar is a must for your Temdeck, if not your competitive line-up.

Custom image of Hedgine, the digital Temtem, for Temtem tier list

Digital: Hedgine

Every monster game needs a glass cannon, and that’s exactly what Hedgine is. With access to wicked strong attacks combined with high special attack and speed stats, Hedgine is an absolute nightmare to deal with if you’re not prepared. There is a serious downside, though, with this monster four times weak to water attacks. If you see an Oceara, it’s time to switch out.

With that, you’re up to date with our Temtem tier list for the current Temtem meta, but we’ll be back regularly to update this list according to how the community ranks the many monsters of Crema’s MMO. For more online adventures you can take to with a group of friends, check out our picks for the best mobile MMORPGs. Or, if you prefer Monopoly to monsters, see our free Monopoly Go dice guide.