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Temtem type chart

We’ve got the only Temtem type chart you need to land the most consistent super effective moves of all the trainers in the Airborne Archipelago

A promo illustration of a Temtem battle with an Owlhe taking on an unseen foe, the perfect time to use a Temtem type chart

If you know much about Temtem, then you know that much like Pokémon, the various types of monsters you can catch and collect all have their own strengths and weaknesses in battle. Unlike Pokémon, the difficulty of Temtem means you really need to know your super-effective and weak attacks before you find yourself on the sore end of a whooping from a dojo leader, or even worse, another online player.

So, we’ve put together this handy Temtem type chart guide, detailing all the available types and their effectiveness against each other. Some of these match-ups are very similar to Pokémon, such as the strength of water against fire, but there are enough changes to the formula to catch you off-guard if you don’t bone up on the Temtem types.

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Temtem type chart

The good folks over at Crema must have anticipated players looking for a type chart as it handily uploaded the one below to its Twitter early into development. Fortunately, nothing has changed in terms of typings, so you can trust the chart to steer you true in battle.

A detailed Temtem type chart with each typing's attacking and defending stats

Temtem types explained

If you found the Temtem chart above a little difficult to follow, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. To help out that little bit more, we’ve put together our own table of type match-ups where you can easily search through for the information you’re looking to find. Just remember that some Temtem have dual-typings, and you have to do your own math there.

Temtem type 2x damage to ½ damage from 2x damage from ½ damage to
Neutral Mental Mental
Fire Nature, crystal Nature, fire, crystal Water, earth Fire, water, earth
Water Fire, earth, digital Earth, fire, water Nature, electric, toxic Nature, toxic, water
Nature Water, earth Water, nature, earth, electric Fire, toxic Fire, nature, toxic
Electric Mental, water, digital, wind Electric, wind Earth, crystal Crystal, nature, earth, electric
Earth Crystal, fire, electric Crystal, fire, electric, toxic Melee, nature, water, wind Nature, water, wind
Mental Neutral, melee Neutral, melee Crystal, digital, electric Crystal
Wind Fire, earth, digital Fire, earth, digital Nature, electric, toxic Nature, water, toxic
Digital Mental, digital, melee Toxic Electric, water, digital
Melee Earth, crystal Melee Mental, digital Mental, melee
Crystal Mental, electric Mental, electric, toxic Fire, earth, melee Fire, earth
Toxic  Water, nature Water, nature, toxic Wind Crystal, earth, digital, toxic 

There you have it, the only Temtem type chart you need to make it through the Airborne Archipelago in style. For more titles full of critters and creatures, check out our Coromon Switch review or Bugsnax Switch review, depending on how hungry you are.